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It seems that the battle for the second set is finally over, but the joint battle training is still half.

Attention is paid to the success of Group B members, who have been increasing their presence all at once, and it feels good to have a good collaboration with the team!

So, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Episode 202!

Chapter 202 “Third Set” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Expectation to Pyrofrost vs Tetsu!

This 202 episode is the third set after a short break.

The first cut I would like to pick up is the following cut, but it might have been impressive that Kinoko-chan was thinking about Tsunegami-kun!

She showed me a terrible fighting method of attacking the lungs with Suehirodake, but her heart is kind! !!

Kinoko Komori speaks to us to take care of the condition of our dark prince, Tokogumi-kun.

Last time, it was a threat because I was blocked as an enemy in the last two times, but it is quite encouraging to think as an ally!

The personality is good, and I think she seems to be quite popular in the future!

Then, the next cut I would like to touch is the following cut, but it was a big impact that the practice field was quite broken!

That’s because it’s a battle in the hero family … But this massive destruction is probably due to the dark shadow of Tsunegami-kun vs. Onomatopoeia in the blowing manga.

I didn’t notice it when I was fighting, but I think that the attack power of the balloon comics is higher than I expected!

Mental growth also affects individuality!

After confirming this situation, Deku said, “Mental growth makes the individuality stronger .

Especially recently these days, I feel that the correlation between how the mind is sharpened and the strength of individuality has become more prominent!

Regarding Tokogumi-kun, I feel that I can control dark shadows considerably in the darkness, and everyone is steadily growing! !!

Regarding the above cut, the contents drawn in the lower half are packed in various ways and it feels quite good.

I am worried about how Mineda’s “Mogimogi” is getting stronger with the above-mentioned “mental growth” !

Regarding Mineda, I feel that the eroticism is up somehow, but w

Also, I was happy that I could see the variation of “I came” after a long time ~!

By the way, it’s Deku who was called by Almight because of such a thing, but this is a topic about “One For All Outburst” .

This is the story about the “unconscious full cowl” I considered in the above article .

It seems that no specific solution has been given, but this “explosion case” will be important in subsequent developments, so I would like to firmly remember it!

In the development that the third set opens!

My Hero Academia has a good reputation for readability because the scenario progresses at a good tempo, but this time, after a short break, the story went on until the opening of the third set at a stretch!

Finally, the long-awaited appearance of Tetsu Tetsu Toru Iron! I’m really paying attention here! !

Tetsu Tetsu team vs Chiyose & Iida team!

From here onwards, it seems that the scenario will be developed mainly by the development of the Tetsu Tetsu team vs Pyrofrost & Iida team.

The combination of the third set , ” TetsuAkiraKaiharabone disconnect , Tsunotori vs roar , IidaOjiroshoji I feel like a.

I think it will be a fierce battle with individuality, but what kind of battle will it be!

As far as the above current members are concerned, the fighting ability of Group A members is considerable.

In addition to Pyrofrost, which has a wide range and high-power attack, Iida-kun who has a high-speed reciprocal kick, Ojiro-kun who has a powerful tail, and so on, please note that the combination is special for battle!

On the other hand, regarding Group B, there are many mysteries other than Tetsu Tetsu.

It is known that each individuality is as follows, but I’m looking forward to how to utilize it specifically!

  • Boneless and soft individuality … softening
  • Kakutori pony personality … Kaku gun
  • The personality of Kaihara

Also, I think that he had a history of getting into the same “special scholarship student” as Pyrofrost about Bone-kun .

How his flexible response will affect the battle … I want to turn the pages in anticipation!

The next cut I’d like to touch next is the following!

Tetsu Satoshi tries to bring in a straight game with the site vacant.

Since the other person has a deep freeze , it seems that if you do this kind of thing it will suddenly become the target of the ice break wall and the light flame … Well, is there any countermeasure?

Oh, Tetsu Tetsu is iron, so is it okay to eat a flame if it’s ironized? (Rather increase attack power?)

As far as the group B can see, the avant-garde system seems to be only Tetsu Tetsu, so the manual battle is disadvantageous in the first place.

However, if the field is exposed in this way, then it seems there is no choice but to continue to lend the power of Tetsu Tetsu well!

Whether the remaining three will attack or support … This is a turning point!

It turns out that Tetsu Tetsu’s hero name is “Real Steel”!

We’re also happy to say that our hero’s hero name is “Real Steel” !

As far as the past episodes are concerned, it seems that it is hardened according to a different principle from Kirishima (Kirishima is due to reiki, and Tetsu is according to the iron content ingested), but how this difference will affect the battle I’m looking forward to it!

Is it growing in the same direction, or is it a bargain price on the attack surface, compared to Kirishima, which chose to shield the iron wall?

I think there is a point of interest in those areas as well!

Whatever the case, the fact that the field was vacated this time made head-on combat inevitable.

Hereafter, it seems that the fire chillers are determined to have such a policy, and if Iida-kun and Ojiro-kun are present, it will be a pick-up option! !!

By the way, next episode 203 is a frontal head-on collision! It’s going to be a fierce battle! !!

Finally, raising concern about Group A is that the fire freeze attack is a “range attack” .

The attack technique of Pyrofrost is powerful, but it’s a little uneasy about the fact that it may involve allies.

Whether or not you have the ability to aim at pinpoint like the AP shot of a bomber will be a turning point!

However, in episode 202 this time, the past of Endeavor and Kyokuyo was confused, and a little memory about the Kakeru fist was set aside.

Perhaps in the next 203 or 204 episodes, you may be able to see the scorching “Kaheken Ken Prominence Burn” ! !

I think that the appearance of Endeavor is changing little by little, and I feel like I’ll be able to dig lightly into the chest of the freezing freeze!

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