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I was a little lonely because Hiroaka last week stopped reading, but this week I can finally read the rest and increase the tension!

So, this time, I would like to show you Batwan’s impressions and considerations after reading Episode 203 this time!

The battle training of Group A and Group B is finally in the 3rd set, and it feels like they are getting hotter little by little!

This time, it was a story that made me feel more fun to read as I broaden my consciousness of each other’s rivals and the areas of thought to such areas!

Chapter 203: “Flexible! Boneless and flexible!” Spoiler impressions, the individuality of group B moves!

Anyway, in episode 203 of this time, we will have to touch the following cuts first.

The state of Endeavor read through by Frozen was so humorous and comical!

The content of LINE drawn with a little previous cut is also strange “word burst” , and my father is definitely not accustomed to using smartphones!

Such a rustic place is also one of the charms of Endeavor!

“With the help of Fuyumi, I was finally able to register an account for Pyrofrost.”

Finally … I wanted to register for a while, dad. But I couldn’t.

It may have been distorted, but it’s a cute and inevitable son for Endeavor!

In the cuts below, it ‘s said that I have a short illness !

Endeavor loves scorching “My Hero Academia Smashu” was often drawn in , but isn’t it the first time that this part has been expressed so well?

Anyway, I have a feeling that Endeavor will be able to see more and more of his adorable parents and idiots in the future!

Exploding ice wall!

Now, the story goes back to the third set, and the pair A and group B fight against each other.

Last time, Tetsu Satoshi smashed the surrounding obstacles, so the game was carried along.

If it is solidified in one place in the open place, the large ice wall of the deep-freezing ice (cutting ice wall) will fly!

The ice-kneading machine that hits a wide area had an unreasonable attack power!

By the way, there are some areas that are a little difficult to understand with just this cut, but Ochako says, “It has been improved so as not to block the view .

In the past, there was a demerit that you couldn’t see the surroundings due to freezing, but now I feel like I’ve definitely cleared that challenge!

Literally meaning “to keep your view wide and calm” I feel that I have the ability to stand around…!

Then, the reaction of the bone-removed flexible structure is as follows!

Specializing in flexible correspondence, “softening”Bone-free with a unique that excels in flexible handling.

I think the above cut was just a word of greatness !

In the flow after this, Ojiro-kun said something like “super reaction …” , but I wonder if this is “predictive” .

I read that the ice wall would come in the last minute, and if I was ready I could handle it …

However, anyway, it is said that it will completely block the sharp and sharp ice wall. This soft guard may be more powerful than a hard shield …! !

About the battle between Iida-kun and Bone-kun!

The scenario will be mixed up in the last, but I would like to touch on the battle between Iida-kun and Bone-kun.

Iida-kun is a character who has been a big success in the anti-stain edition and the all-for-one edition, but this time he also showed a good character!

It is not Date that has accumulated actual battle experience! I feel like you showed me that!

Iida who is wary!

The following cuts are the first thing I would like to mention about this battle.

From the point of view of Bone-kun, Iida-kun seems to be quite wary of people …

Fiery ice with super attack power, such as a large ice wall, is left to Tetsu, and when Iida-kun’s feet are sealed, it is extremely flexible!

If you can move it vertically and horizontally, you can be amazed at its speed.

Actually there were scenes where even at a sports festival, a kick with a reciprocator was used to strike a strong blow against the freeze, and Iida-kun’s personality could be said to be the strongest class personality among speed attackers!

Then, around the point where Iida-kun’s personality is properly and properly spotted, the tactical eye of Bone-kun is shining!

On the other hand, Iida-kun, who was getting into the role, got a little gag and was a bit disappointed!

Iida has been like that for a long time, but what he does seriously has become a gag …

In episode 203, I’m glad to see that side of Iida-kun!

At any rate, however, the new technique, the reciprocating turbo, was splendidly activated at the end of this event, and it was a way to end with high expectations for success in the next 204 episodes!

New technique used, reciprocating turbo!

Iida-kun looked like he was completely confined in ice due to his softening personality.

However, at the end of this time, I was able to escape from there using a new technique, the reciprocating turbo!

That’s exactly what the cut below shows, smashing the ice and releasing the restraints!

This movement should not be able to exert power if the limbs are so buried.

It might feel like the power of the engine itself is boosting energy!

In any sense, in contrast, Ida-kun, who is extremely flexible, and Iida-kun, who is not very flexible, are in a certain sense.

I think it can be said that this battle was a successful match like that!

In episode 203, Iida-kun has successfully lifted the restraint, but from a Batwan’s perspective, he may want to be wary of the 2 arrows that follow him.

Up until this point, we haven’t been in a hurry yet, so it’s time for “flexible response” !

What kind of fight Iida will show against Bone-kun in the group B recommendation frame … Expectations will increase in the next 204 episodes!

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