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This time, my hero academia is getting excited.

The battle for the third set is in the middle of the season, and it’s almost the end of the season!

In this episode 204, Iida-kun is on the side of group A, and Tetsu Tetsutetsu is on the side of group B!

Below, I would like to write the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading episode 204!

[My Hero Academia] Episode 204 “Tuning” Spoilers and consideration, Mr. Iida and Tetsu Tetsu (Chintetsu) shine!

In episode 204 of this time, it became clear that the technique called “engine tuning” was transmitted to the Iida family .

My older brother, Tenharu Iida, consulted with my mother and told him that Iida-kun’s engine power could be raised at once!

In other words, I’m happy to add such a “reasonable reason” to the power-up of the special move !

If you power up for no reason, the depth of the story will decrease, so the detailed consideration around here is amazing!

Then, it seems that the tuning this time has the following mechanism.

If you pull out the muffler and train it, you will get a muffler that matches your current ability.

Anyway, the following cut was a scene that received a pretty painful atmosphere!

Mr. Iida pulls out the muffler while enduring severe pain.

Is biting a towel to withstand pain or to prevent bleeding after withdrawal?

No, or both.

Is it an image that feels like “peeling” somehow ?

Or in the real world, it’s like “pulling out a nail and growing a new one” .

There is no doubt that it is an act that requires considerable preparedness and enthusiasm in either case …!

Overwhelming speed of the reciprocating turbo that was activated!

Then, the reciprocating turbo actually used is as follows.

It seems that you can move at super speed within the time limit of 10 minutes by ejecting from the newly powered muffler!

Iida, who had been selling overwhelming “running” so far, has grown in power at once with this growth!

Moreover, the price of the power-up is paid big in advance to strengthen the “muffler itself” , so it may seem like a small burden on the body!

However, just because you got a powerful muffler, it’s another story whether you can use it immediately.

The following cuts are exactly the same, but Iida-kun still had a little bit of that speed and was a bit overwhelming …!

Certainly, when speeding up, braking and steering wheel control are just as important as accelerator.

Based on these things, it may take some time for Mr. Iida to make a reciprocating turbo solid!

However, I think that is also his “freedom” !

By the way, in response to the speed of the reciprocating turbo mentioned above, the bone-riding kun even evaluated it as “not going to win !”

Certainly, even at the time of the previous reciprocation, the flesh battle was overwhelming (it was a great kick in the sports festival at the sports festival!), But it is further refined … So I will respond to this. It’s not normal!

This time, the reciprocating turbo was the first time to see and unveil, so it’s even more difficult to react!

The shadow of Endeavor that crosses the mind of the freezing!

In a pinch of desperate death that is approached by Tetsu Tetsu …

It seems that it was the following “Shadow of Endeavor” !

Can Endeavor, who was supposed to be a traumatic childhood, be accepted as a father and grow up?

It seems that the qualities inherent in pyrolysis are being questioned! burn! !

I think the idea of ​​pyrofreezing is a little blurry due to the clutter of memories about Endeavor.

If this psychological blunder goes out, you will end up eating Tetsu Tetsu’s scorching punch!

I think that Tetsu Satoshi’s offensive power is further improved because he is heated by the wall of flames … If you can not overcome the shadow of Endeavor here, not only Fiery Frozen, but quite a difficult situation for the entire Group A team. Maybe …

But anyway, there is a genius, Todoroki Shoto. I would like you to take this opportunity to show off a powerful blow that shakes the past! !

The aori phrase “Beyond, let it go” is reminiscent of the scorching fist!

Also , I would like to touch on the point that the following slogan , “Beyond, let it go,” reminds me of the scorching heat.

The Heavenly Heat Fist is a super fire attack used by Endeavor when fighting the brainless high end.

Since he himself is “a constitution full of heat”, it seems that the fire is exhausted considerably, but since pyrofrost is half cold and half burned, it has the strength to overcome it!

In the next 205 episodes, will Chihoroze activate the Heavenly Fist? How is it! !

The scorching heat fist that raises the heat of the body to the limit and activates it has a transcendent attacking power that defeats that high end.

Not only the power of heat, but also the feeling of being able to keep a distance with the opponent by jetting like a jet.

If Fiery Frozen could activate the Heavenly Fire Fist, it would be possible to blow Tetsu Tetsu and pass it through damage!

Personally, I feel like I want to see Tetsu’s victory, but this is the place where it’s hot and cold.

I think that in the next 205 episodes, the third set will soon be settled, and I’m looking forward to the new technique of pyrofreezing!!

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