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My hero academia was in great shape this week.

It seems that the third set has finally reached the final stage!

So, this time, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batwan about Episode 205 below!

Episode 205: “Circular Detour” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Fiery Freeze vs Tetsu’s Battle in Draw!

The main feature of 205 episodes this time was the card of Pyrofrost vs.

The relationship between these two natural enemies and rivals seems to be hot ~, no matter how you compare them, it will still burn! !

It is a medium-distance / long-distance type, Tetsu-tetsu, which is a natural enemy of the short-range piercing type, despite Pyrofrost, which has an ice flame of offensive defense.

Even with the same “hardening type” , this would not have happened in Kirishima …!

Kirishima has the advantages of Kirishima, but I feel that Tetsu-Tetsu has become more original.

Teketetsu’s individuality, which is strong against both heat and cold, should make a big difference in the battle with Villan!

What if we come to see the “high heat punch” or “freezing punch” in collaboration with scorching soon ?!

The next cut I want to touch is the following!

The scorching freeze that stands in the flickering created by your own flame heat is cool and dangerous! !

While communicating with Endeavor and talking with Deku, he found himself the “power of flame” .

If the strong enemy Tetsu Tetsu hadn’t hunted him down, he wouldn’t have tried to open the upper limit of the flames, so that’s where this battle feels destined!

By the way, from a physical point of view, it seems that the cooling power is limited to “absolute zero (-273.15)” , and the heating power is “no upper limit” . (In one theory, up to the 10th power of 32 at the time of the Big Bang …)

I’m not familiar with Batowan because it’s science here, but the point that the heating power is larger than the cooling power has a larger upper limit when 0 degrees is the standard …

In the first half, the battle between Fiery Ice and Teetetsu heats up!

Then, from this point onwards, the battle between Pyrofrost and Tetsu was heated up.

It looks cool as he freezes the flames and heats up his determination to become the person I want to be . !

There is no doubt that this flame release has the meaning of breaking up from the relationship with the father in the past.

Accept the hatred father’s flames as your own power, and proceed as food for things that you don’t want to recognize or dislike.

It was a scene where the spiritual growth of pyrofreezing, who stubbornly refused to use flames, could be seen!

Then, the straight line counter-attack against Tetsu is also cool!

There is a big appeal in the straightness of trying to break through all the hesitation in the first place and break through one point in front of you!

Tetsu Tetsu himself has some troubles and conflicts, but he doesn’t bring them to the battlefield.

If you decide to do this, you will stick through it! Such a consistent battle is cool! !

The heat of freezing is certainly working.

Even though it is working, Tetsu-tetsu’s wild boaring rush that pushes forward forward while enduring it!

Depending on the situation, I think this may be an idiot, but I think I was still choosing the best choice to win this time …!

With the success of Iida-kun, we will enter the summary of the third set!

Kadotori-chan’s movements from opening up to the confusion of freezing freezes are just amazing.

Eventually, Shoji-kun and Ojiro-kun’s hard work were nullified, and even the biggest enemy, Pyroicus, was stunned.

I haven’t shown any fighting spirit so far, and I was able to move quietly, but it certainly changed the battle situation … Wow! !

However, there was a speedy owner who upset the situation further here! Yes, we are Iida! !

Iida’s speedy explodes!

Iida-kun, who hadn’t been in a narrow field at all, moved around in all directions and finally returned.

His shot was shaking the back of his bones hard and pushing him into a concussion!

It seems that Iida-kun’s too fast speed couldn’t be read even with the flexibility of bone-breaking-kun!

Even though I said that it was not controllable, it was a super fast turn around with some control.

Being back here means that I’ve been firmly sharpened with Kuihara-kun!

As a result, Iida-kun’s strength has grown stronger and brighter!

In addition, it is revealed in the following cut that it is growing firmly internally …!

Lifesaving is the first priority over eliminating Villan.

As Stein once said, “a person’s true nature does not change,” but it is possible to “change behavior” based on that.

This time, Iida-kun proved that, and I think he will continue to show that kind of aspect!

Finish with a draw!

Then, I got a strong kick and it was shaken, but it was a development that shows the guts at the last last!

In the following, in collaboration with Tetsu Tetsu, I pushed down the pillar (or the building itself?) And knocked it down, and brought them all to the down draw!

I don’t know if this is the right thing to do in the actual fight against Vilan, but it may have been the best move in this battle training!

Then, due to the blow of the building that was knocked down this time, all of Group A and Group B went down.

While being familiar with what he can do and promoting the cooperation of Tetsu Tetsu who can move on the spot, he tried to overturn the re-inversion.

The first set and the second set were fierce battles, but the third set was the most flashy!

Then, the last finishes with the draw development of all down!

Regarding this development, I was talking with Mr. Follower on Twitter , “I’m happy if it wins the scorching freeze, but it may be interesting if I think about it later!”

I think it’s an interesting element that there is a definite “natural enemy” like Tetsu-Tetsu in contrast to the unique freeze-thickness of ice and fire !

I think there is still a lot of potential to delve into this point, so it may be interesting to pursue the subsequent developments while taking into consideration the compatibility relationship between the two!

In particular, Tetsu Tetsu is a character who has a strong relationship with a man’s friendship.

After that, along with the victory and defeat in the third set, I would like to pay attention to what kind of human relationship this battle will call …! !

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