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I’m fine this Monday again! !

So, even if One Piece is released, Hiroaka is really excited and it feels like MAX!

This time, I would like to show Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading Episode 206!

Anyway, Kira Tokage was dying! !

Episode 206 “Settlement of the Third Set” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration, Kirina Tokage is cute! !

Continuing from the previous 205 episodes, this time we will finish the third set.

I felt that it was a complete ending in episode 205, but there are various dramas behind the “flashy part” that you can see !

First, let’s check from the following cuts!

The four people who hit the most flashy, Iida, Todoroki, Bonebetsu, and Tetsu Tetsu, are drawdowns.

The fact that the main members of both teams are competing against each other seems to indicate that the difference in competence between Group A and Group B is quite thin!

It is worth noting that Group B is not closing at all compared to Group A, who should have accumulated practical battle experience!

So what I would like to check next is the flow of the following series of cuts, Kakutori Pony did a good job!

In this joint training, the impression is that the women in Group B are shining brightly.

Kento-san, Komori-chan and Kakutori-chan seem to have fully demonstrated their presence!

In the flow after the above cut, Kakutori-chan became completely free and became a key player who makes a battle situation!

Hit Ojiro-kun and the prison!

From here onwards, Katori’s turn for a while.

Until the last time, Tetsu Tetsu and Bonebuki-kun worked hard, but in episode 206 this time she helped her to focus on her wisdom and create a situation where she could not lose !

Above all, in the following cuts, it was a fine play , such as “Pushing into the prison with Ojiro-kun” !

As a situation, it should have been wrapped around Ojiro’s tail, but I think it was a flexible turn around, with a firm awareness of the rule of “win in prison” .

Bone-kun is flexible, but Kakutori-chan’s idea was quite flexible!

Also, in this series of flows, you can see that the power of the four corners is quite strong! (See below)

Kadotori-chan, who has a tail wrapped around her, but she is completely in control as long as she supports her body and moves in the air.

In the situation of Ojiro-kun, there is no place other than Kakutori’s body where he can grab and support.

If I could grab it on the wall, I might have been able to fight against this forced deportation, but the situation of being unsupported by dangling was probably like Ogura-kun’s hands, feet, tails ….

I think that her strength to be able to move around in the air was a scene where he lived!

To the start of the 4th set!

By the way, in this episode 206, the flow from the final stage of the third set to the treatment room was drawn.

From here on, let’s talk about the flow leading to the 4th set!

It feels like the bombers are finally moving! And Kirina Tokage is just doing it! !

Face to face in the fourth set!

The faces of the 4th set this time are as follows.

Group A consists of 4 people, Bakugo, Sugar, Sero, and Oro, while Group B consists of 4 people, Tokage, Awase, Kamakiri, and Bonto!

Bakugo and Oro-chan did a band together at the school festival, and they were able to communicate with each other with a good feeling!

The members of group A apparently attack with “the strategy of the bombing plan” !

Also, except for Awase, the members of Group B are all members whose usage of individuality is almost unknown.

The known personality names are as follows! (From Ultra Archive)

  • Toriin = lizard tail cutting
  • Obon = Cemedine
  • Sickle cutting = sharp edge
  • Awase = welding

Regarding Awase-kun, I feel that I contributed to attaching a transmitter to “Nehohyan Brainless” at the forest camp .

Regarding the remaining 3 people, I wonder if the specific part will come from now on!

Personally, I ‘m looking forward to the “Stationery Showdown” of Cemedine vs Sero’s tape in Bonto!

Toketsu Setsuna-chan, who is very bewitching! !

De, de, de! !

The most notable point in episode 206 of this episode is Tokina Kirina, who is very bewitching!

She is one of the recommended enrollees of Group B! (I personally had the illusion that she was Shiozaki)

As you can see, it’s not easy for you! I’m sorry! (Oh

In the 4th set from now on, she will probably play an active part in all directions.

In group A, the bomber is the person to watch out for, and there is a place like “a symbol of victory” throughout the film, but it seems that one of the points of attention will be how she will counter it. right!

Since the personality is “cutting a lizard’s tail”, you can cut off your arms and legs and avoid attacks … maybe?

Or from there you can regenerate your body … (Hm … mmm … what is the clothing when it is regenerated …?)

In any case, there is no doubt that recommended enrollees will have the potential to be as hot as freezing, eight million, boneless, and Shigeru’s night storm.

I can’t wait to see her performance in the 4th set!

I’m also looking forward to the hard work of the fiercely burning explosives!

The above-mentioned bombers are as usual, but this time we can see some growth in the “team battle” , so I’m looking forward to that growth!

Until now, he was a bomber who had been able to exert his power alone (and that was enough power to bring it to some good points), but at this joint training, everyone feels that the cooperation is great.

No matter how much it is, it’s difficult to win if it feels too much like a man?

There is no doubt that the bombers will be the center of the operation and scratch the enemy, but it seems that how the surroundings will support it will be a big key!

Also, the bomber is also a “slow starter,” so I’m looking forward to seeing how that area affects the scenario.

There are too many attention points in the next 207 episodes, so I can’t control my excitement anymore! !

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