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The third set is settled, and the opening of the fourth set, the story of the bomber team’s success, will be drawn as soon as 207 episodes.

Every time Hiroaka incorporates various ideas, I never get tired of reading!

So, this time, I’d like to show how Batowan’s impressions and thoughts after reading Episode 207!

This time, I think that the efforts of the members of group B were brighter than those of group A!

Episode 207: “First move victory!” Spoilers confirmed impressions, success, or failure of the bomber’s leadership!

In episode 207, I think the teamwork between Group A and Group B is so large so far.

First of all, I would like to touch on the situation of Group B, but I would like to note that I can exchange opinions that it is much better than Group A!

Group A feels like the bombers are trying to pull in one man, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this difference affects battle!

What’s interesting about the above cut is that Miro and Sero are “threat certified” more than the bombers !

There are some stage issues, but it’s worth noting that these two are picked up with priority!

Of course, I think that bombers are outstanding in their individual abilities, but they may think that if they are surrounded by a group of people, they will be able to compete without problems!

If you defeat two people, Sero, who has high mobility, and Oro, who has long-distance attacks and enemies, you will only have two people, a bomber in an individual battle and sugar that pushes short-distance power, so it will be quite a battle. Must!

On the other hand, the following 2 people got the impression that only the invincibility comes out!

Kirina Tokage feels calm and affordable in the face of infidelity, and Kamakiriki-kun feels a little crazy.

You may feel that Kamakiri-kun is similar in character to a bomber!

If two people hit each other at a close distance, you may be able to see an interesting battle!

On the other hand, what is the current reaction of Mr. Brad and Mr. Aizawa?

On the other hand, what is the current reaction of Mr. Brad and Mr. Aizawa?

Regarding Dr. Brad, who has been enthusiastic about biases , Midnight told me that he had blood on his head despite blood manipulation , but Mr. Aizawa is convinced by Dr.

The results are correct in all societies, and Mr. Brad, the teacher of Group B who is producing results, is correct … This is a very rational way of thinking!

Professor Aizawa says, “Do you do the same thing even if you fail in the field?” This is a really reasonable statement.

But anyway, when it comes to you, it ‘s amazing that you can behave like “acknowledge your loss” !

Although admitting defeat sometimes has the property of discouraging one’s willingness to grow, but Professor Aizawa has the advantage of being able to look at the big picture calmly by “objective” .

I regret it as a member of Group A, but such logical thinking is also one of Professor Aizawa’s awesomeness!

This time it’s good because it’s training, but what if you think that this time’s competition is “real time ?

What did you say when you gave a demonstration to Villan, saying , “That’s terrible!” It just becomes a story.

It may seem difficult for children who are still students, but it seems as if Aizawa-sensei is going to take the initiative in teaching what he needs to get into society in the future!

The power of group B members shines!

This time, I am a rival member of Group B, but I think that I may become a classmate if I advance to the second grade and change classes.

No, even if it is not the case, if it is a hero activity site, it will often be matched up as an ally, so it is important to understand each other’s individuality to some extent!

It seems that this battle training is also a place with such a meaning!

Below, let’s start by thinking about Kojiro Bondo and Kamaikitsu-kun!

About the fighting ability of Kenjiro Bondo and Sama Kirishiki!

First, let’s touch on the combat ability of Kojiro Bondo.

The glue call used below is a technique that allows you to spray the adhesive from your body (head?) And limit the actions of the opponent!

It’s not exactly the kind of catch that Shinrin Kamui’s Urushi prison, but I think the nettled detention is actually a “strong debuff” and a pretty powerful move !

Then, what I will touch next is the attack type personality and sharpness of the following Kamarikiri.

This is that it is possible … that it issue a blade from the body, as the nature Moon Fish kana type close to the one with?

A combo like this is very powerful because it restrains the opponent with a bond, restricts their actions, and gives a decisive hit with a sharp edge.

As for the character Kamakiri-kun, it seems that he is a warlike character, so I might look forward to his success in close quarters!

By the way, it’s a tough point that Group A doesn’t have effective personality against “slashing” this time .

You can use Sero-kun’s tape to wind the blade round and round, but you may be able to reduce the sharpness, but if you do not know when and where a sharp blade like a razor will fly … pretty pressure is pretty maybe! !

Help and win! Changes in the movement of the bomber! !

This time, I often pointed out the psychologically dangerous points of the bombers, but I must also fairly mention the changes in the movements of the bombers in the last! !

No, it’s natural to help your friends because it’s team play, but when a bomber does it, it sounds like “Oh!”

I think that the bombers are growing under the influence of Deku, facing their bad places …

He’s a bomber who seems to be vulnerable (actually there is such a part), but in reality he is a cool man.

As far as I can see from this time, I feel like the day will come when I will clear even the self-driving habit that causes anxiety around me!

I think this inner weakness is like the “almost the only weakness” of the bomber, so if it is overcome, it is a huge plus!

Oro was in a pinch because it was a melee battle at once, and it was also the bomber who led the development.

At any rate, however, it would have been a big step forward for the bombers who used to feel like, I’m helped by myself!”

Many bad parts of the bomber have emerged this time, but in Episode 208, I feel like I’m drawing something like “How the bomber will do his best based on that!” !

Oh, I’m really looking forward to Hiroaka next week too! !

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