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Group A members who seemed to have shown distrust of the bombers in the previous 207 episodes.

However, in Episode 208, it was decided that there was an error in the description and interpretation!

In other words, it seems that the nature of Bakuto leadership is well established! Explosives are also growing steadily!

Episode 208 “Final Settlement 4!” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Bakugo Excatapult!

In this episode 208, Group A settled in a 4-0 win!

I think the bombers and Otoro were showing a good presence!

Let’s start with the cut below, this is the scene where the bomber helped Oro!

They had a band together at a school festival, and they had a relationship of trust to some extent.

The tone and vocabulary of the bombers are still bad, but as far as I can see from the recollection lines above, it seems that the bombers had given “a solid communication” to other members where they were not drawn !

I think it’s not enough words, but the members around me know about the bombers so far, so I think I’ve been aware of these subtle changes!

And, in addition to that, I think that by properly following Oro, I feel that I was able to show it properly .

I think that the only weak point of the bombers was the “runaway habit” , so it can be said that their care was a great progress!

By the way, I was surprised at this change!

Batowan personally loves Neito Monoma.

His group A messing around with me feels very good every time, but this time, on the contrary, I was showing a huge reaction to the improved behavior of the bombers!

I really like this kind of big swing!

Basically, Batwan doesn’t like emotionally unstable characters, but that’s because the characters simply “feel like they’re moving because of the author’s convenience .”

However, since there is a solid background such as “The personality of the copy seems to affect the spirit” , I do not feel any such unnaturalness, and when it comes to this, it is positioned as an interesting character … I think it will be.

The 5th set is a turn of things, so I’m looking forward to his success!

Bombarder’s form of victory! After all it is different! !

Next, let’s check the following cuts.

This is a scene in which the shape of the bomber’s victory was clearly stated!

“The game is always a complete victory, 4-0 uninjured! This is a really strong victory for him !!”

Nuoooo! Good looking! That’s right, the bomber was such a man!

As was the case with the bombers at the sports festival, his obsession and commitment to victory is considerable.

Bakugo Katsumi, a man who not only wins, but also continues to focus on “a perfect victory .”

I think the above cut was a scene where the human nature of the bomber was pushed out to the full!

Although it’s ridiculously bad, the bombers have the strength to firmly gain trust through their actions and abilities, as expected! 

Head up to Group B’s strategy!

Although it is a bomber team that received a first strike, from here onwards this pursuit will shine!

Although it was Group A who was addicted to the measures of Group B and turned around afterwards, from here it suddenly entered the reverse mode!

It may be considered that the difference in ability between the two teams was quite wide, because it was a reversal from where they were so defeated!

It seems that not only the individual abilities but also the cooperation is quite high!

Riding on the aim of group B, a strict pursuit that does not allow it!

The aim of Group B, which continued from the previous time, is a hit-and-away operation in which the attack and the escape are repeated.

It seems to be the essence that the bombers will collapse one by one without surrounding them …

This is a very rational operation, and if you look at the appearance of the bomber team, everyone seems to be aiming for this operation first.

But the bombers didn’t feel like pursuing them! Wow! 

Although the members of Group A, which had been surrounded by the first strike of Group B, the bombers might have been planning the operation with the feeling of “making the opponent strike first .”

It’s a dangerous place to push yourself by itself, but if you have a sense of purpose “to make a first strike” , you can quickly respond to the opponent’s attack.

Perhaps the bombers were “waiting” to react to the attack on Oro instantly !

Then, B group members who try to pull from here explode after the bombing team!

First of all, you can stop by the weld craft of Awase welding …?

A bomber whose foot is stopped by Awase welding hidden in the shadow.

As a bomber, it was like a special attack, but it was like Sugar-kun took good care of it!

Although I will touch it later, I think that the fact that the bombers can push the shortest distance here without warning is because they trust their friends around them!

I feel like I wouldn’t move without warning if there was only one bomber!

Care with Sugar Rush of Sugar!

Below are the highlights of Sugar-kun who cares for the bomber who has been welded by the weld craft.

Bukkake The 4th set this time was settled in the form of a momentary kill, so it can be said that the surrounding members’ activity scenes were quite few.

The following cut is one of the few highlights of Sato!

As far as I can see, this sugar rush feels like a simple technique of hitting repeatedly with the strength strengthened by sugar dope.

Unless the sweets (fuel) have run out, it feels like it has quite destructive power!

It was a fine play that released Awase-kun’s restraint by the weld craft at once.

This made it possible for bombers to chase the enemy again!

By the way, this time the costume of Awase was cool, so I would like to supplement it for the time being!

This is like a safety mask for construction work!

I think it’s the one that guards your face when sparks scatter, but it might be the first time you saw it in a battle manga! (I have seen it on TV)

In fact, Professor Horikoshi shows readers “what I have n’t seen yet ,  so I really like that! 

Group B members can be hunted down!

The members of Group B are being hunted down in such a flow.

It seems that the recommended enrollment student, Kirina Tokage, was a bit distracting, and that the bomber team this time was working together!

Three people, Oro, Sero, and Sugar, have taken good care of the reading that it was difficult for the members around me to match the movement of the Bakugo’s self-dedicated movement.

The warrior’s warriors were amazing, but I’d like to keep an eye on the success of the members around me!

It is a rough work that requires a fair amount of look-ahead and reaction speed to move exactly in line with the attacking bomber.

However, these three people firmly showed their role.

From Otoro’s search enemy, a bombardment attack and chase gives a decisive hit, and sugar captures.

Sero generally looks around and reaches out to where he needs to be … Is it like that?

As far as the last 207 episodes are seen, the movements of the bombers were so far out of the way that I was worried that I could collaborate with others.

However, if you confirm the battle this time, you can clearly see that the concern was dismal …!

If you combine it with the members of “Support temperament” like this time , the bombers will be able to make full use of their capabilities!

For the time being, I think that it is difficult to collaborate with someone who has the characteristics of a leader like Deku (though Deku may not be aware of it).

The explosive Excatapult explodes!

Awase, after defeating Bonto, it’s a quick flow.

Bakugo who catched up with Kamakiri-kun activated the Excatapult and defeated him in a moment.

It was impressive that this one also gave a decisive hit and quickly moved to the next Tokage-chan!

It feels like a warrior ‘s “Musou / Continuous Kumite” !

After defeating Kamagiri-kun with the Excatapult, the distance was reduced at a stretch, and then Tokage Kirina was settled with the “Zero Distance Stun Grenade” .

At the end, I felt like I was dizzy using a flash, but then I threw it away …

Kirina Tokage felt totally fainted!

I wonder if it’s “consideration for girls” for bombers that they didn’t hit (or seemed) to use bombs? I also felt!

Anyway, Group A members who have destroyed Group B at once.

Above all, I think the bomber’s success was by far the best!

A team of bombers who attacked the enemy in quick succession with a feeling of “Next! Next! Next! Next!”

I also want to pay attention to the fact that by always taking the lead, the counterattack of the opponent is eventually prevented!

It’s said that “attack is the maximum defense”, but this time Group A was exactly like that!

As a member of Group B, I think that if I could finish off Oro with the first shot, I could bring it to a completely different flow …

Anyway, I think the 4th set was a very fierce battle and very interesting!

The activities of Sugar-kun and Sero-kun have become a bit modest, but the speedy conclusion may have given the impression that they are “explosive” !

By the way, next time, it will be a development that immediately enters the Monoma team (including heartbeat) vs Deku team, or the flow to reach there is drawn …

Deku will show leadership in a different way from the bomber, so I would like to pay attention to that area as well and watch over it!

I’m really looking forward to next episode 209!

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