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The 4th set was settled in an instant due to the amazing cooperation.

This time, I feel like I’ve started to move from the reflection after the 4th set to a 5th set … after one beat!

This time we’ll finally have a collision with the Monoma team, so I’m looking forward to it as a Batwan who recommends Monoma!

Episode 209 “Starting the 5th Set!” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration, float, melt, and stick! 

The 4th set, which was settled at a stretch due to quite intense development.

This battle was like a complete victory for a bombing team, and it was a refreshing one-sided game.

I don’t think the difference in individual abilities was that great, but the difference in cooperation has come to the surface!

Especially after the Group B members started withdrawing, I think the chase was amazing!

Above, the members who won the group A feel quite refreshing and good! 

The atmosphere of Oro-chan and Rikido Sato, who are happy to give a high-touch, was kind of nice and friendly.

By the way, it may be difficult to read the expression of the bomber.

For the time being, I feel satisfied at a certain level …

Then, the following cuts I would like to check next.

Aizawa-sensei and Brad-sensei analyzing the fourth set.

I think it’s an unusual scene for Dr. Aizawa, who has a strong dry impression, to praise me properly!

It feels a little “unlike” to say that your thumb is “Good!” , And I feel like Aizawa-sensei is getting a little more nervous for this victory!

Also, Mr. Brad was very disappointed!

He’s a student who’s more like a student than the group B, but he feels he must accept the defeat this time.

Although he was not wrong as a strategy, he pointed out that there was difficulty in flexibility after the counterattack began.

Certainly, when the first person (Awase-kun) was killed, I wondered if there would be any other means, but to be honest, if I could show that warrior’s warlessness …?

Depending on the response, I think there is a possibility that I could have brought it to 4-1 or 4-2 instead of 4-0, but when I was asked, “What should I do?”

It may seem like the fourth set!

Maybe the shy bomber was a little cute!

In response to this victory, a word from “almite” “I trembled” .

Isn’t this the best word of praise for the bombers? It was good!

At any rate, however, it seemed difficult for the bomber to choose a word to return to this word.

Certainly, when I look at his personality, I feel like I’m not good at giving back like “Thank you” …!

Then, the response that such a bomber twisted is as follows.

“You shouldn’t catch a cold.”

This word sounds awful, but as a Batwan, I think it’s a bit surprising that the bomber “has not denied” the almighty words .

If you’re a normal bomber, you might say, “It’s normal! I’m not convinced yet!”

However, if you didn’t show such a reaction, you think that the bomber would have taken the all-mighty words of “nephew” straight to some extent, right?

From the standpoint of a bomber, I think it was almost the first time to play “ co-op  .

Up until now, I used to feel like “one person is enough!” , But I think it’s possible to understand the explosive power when the cooperation is addicted by actually trying to cooperate!

Perhaps the above-mentioned cut may also express such a side that I was surprised at the effect of cooperation that was higher than I imagined!

It feels good to ignite the motivation of Deku!

The first thing I would like to mention is Deku.

Deku walks up and talks about the success of the bomber.

Although the two guys had a strong rivalry with each other in the last episode, the one who’s having trouble contacting them seems to be a bomber.

As a bomber, I think there is a complex feeling that I have yet to sort out!

Then, Deku’s expression for the bomber “I can never exceed Teme  is as follows.

Already, Doku’s expression is so glittering that it’s dazzling!

I think there are some rivalry and fighting spirits, but it feels completely different from the bomber!

I think that the nature of the fighting spirit of the bombers is that of a devilishness, combined with the “pressure of the chased one”.

On the other hand, I wonder if Deku’s fighting spirit is not aimed at the bomber himself …

It was a cut that made me feel like “I’ll do my best to produce results, and as a result, I can surpass Kakchan .”

Rather than a mesmerizing fighting spirit, I felt that there was something like a sense of excitement, rather than hope for the 5th set that started now!

What do you think about Nemono’s reaction?

The next thing I would like to check is the reaction of Neneto Manama who assembles Team B.

He seems to have a pretty stubborn opposition to Group A.

As is the case with the following cuts, there were a lot of impressive remarks during this time!

In the above cut, the scene is arguing which of “serious person” and “troublemaker” should be paid attention to.

Well, Group A doesn’t want to get into trouble, so there are some parts that feel overkill, but I think I can understand what I mean.

It seems that he is still very dissatisfied with the tendency that Group A gets attention and Group B is treated like a supporting role!

So, I think the following phrase, which was thrown at the backlash, shows that this feeling for him is not solely due to personal circumstances!

Characters that have a rather menheristic place between things.

However, to be able to say such deep words means that he is still thinking through various things …!

He may want to insist on the fact that each and every one of the members of Group B is the protagonist.

When you hear a phrase like this, the next battle between things will become even more fun.

I ‘m sure there must be “a leading role in action” to prove this statement!

The case where Reiko Yanagi has a cute elder sister!

Before touching on the strategy meeting, let’s touch on Reiko Yanagi-chan below!

So far, cute characters have appeared in Group B (including Kinoko-chan and Pony-chan), but Yanagi-chan is more like a beautiful woman …

A girl with an ice attribute that impresses you with a cold atmosphere.

So, the personality of Group B members this time is as follows.

Who will be the main focus this time?

The way of fighting will change greatly depending on which of the four characters, Monoma, Shoda, Kodai, Yanagi, and Shinsetsu, copy the personality.

I think that as a royal road, you will be copying “Brainwashing” of Shinsou-kun, but what about?

By the way, it seems that Twin Impact, which is a front-running flesh warfare type, does not seem to match the personality of each person, so I wonder if it can be removed from the copy target.

Patterns that are assembled around the “brainwash” of mental exercise!

By the way, as for Group B, it seems that Deku is the most dangerous.

The evaluation is also quite high, and it is said that if it goes with its mobility and combat ability, it will be even more equalized with a bomber.

Furthermore, it can be said that it is a point of interest that he has learned long distances and has no gaps, and that he has the characteristic of preferring a fighting method with a collaborative body.

I think bombers are better at long distances, but I would like to point out that Deku’s reputation has risen considerably!

I think the following cuts are probably the best for the measures of group B members.

The following exchanges may support the fact that brainwashing is the main axis.

It was probably because I couldn’t use the persona code below because I said “I could be a ska” .

The persona code is like a hard voice changer, so it goes well with brainwashing!

It’s going to be important how you can work together with those who don’t have a persona code, and how to work with things that don’t have a persona code to stop Deku’s movements!

If you can stop Deku, you may be able to aim for a perfect match by sealing Ashido, who has the next highest physical ability!

Dekuteam’s individuality floats, melts, and sticks together!

The uniqueness of Dekuteam is the triple beat of melting, melting and sticking.

In addition to this, a simple power-type deck moves around with Chokomaka on the front line and gets confused.

As there are no factors to search for (Oro-chan) like the Bakuto team, it may hurt the places that tend to be behind us …!

However, anyway, as the Deku team, it seems that they will challenge this battle with the strategy of “find first and put it in a trap” .

Does that mean that a highly mobile deck is purposely found on the front line and attracts to the “trap point” while attracting it?

However, given the high level of physical ability of Deku, even if he finds it, he does not always chase after that …

In that sense, it may be a long-term battle compared to the 4th set!

In addition, Deku has a fairly straightforward personality (such as during a sports festival), so he had to experience brainwashing by a few times.

If Deku comes out in front of us, we have to be vigilant in that direction as well, so that this kind of poker does not occur!

In any case, it is certain that the Deku team will be based on the debut of “Decoy + Trap Operation” .

After that, I would like to continue reading while thinking about what kind of trap it is!

Deku’s reliable growth!

Then, this last finishes with the following series of cuts.

Deku experienced a lot of things since he joined this hero, and he has grown very trustworthy …!

The following quiet statement, “OK, I can definitely win”, was full of the atmosphere such as “Hero that brings together heroes!”

Deku who has grown into one of the leaders in the 1st year of the Hero Department.

Iida-kun, Bakugo, and Shoto are also suitable for leaders, but it’s really interesting to observe that they have a different kind of leadership from them!

This time Deku is not blessed with the attacking methods of the members, but it is necessary to cooperate well and destroy the opponent.

It may be the most difficult battle as a leader, even if you compare it to 1 to 4 sets!

The number of people is one less, and the fighting starts with people who do not seem to be fighting in terms of force (seems like).

The Hatoma team feels perfect in terms of strategy, and there is no doubt that it is a matchup in a disadvantageous situation!

How to connect this apparently unfavorable-looking battle to victory … is definitely the highlight of the next episode 210!

Finally, the joint battle training is the final set, and how each individual’s individuality will be dynamic … It’s really fun! 

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