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Monday came well again this week! So I bought a jump from Asaichi again this week!

So, this is 210 episodes of the main story, but with the flow of the 5th set opening, it is possible to lightly talk about the remaining discomfort of individuality …!

Anyway, I think it was a good and exciting time!

Episode 210 “One for All Dreams” Spoilers confirmed impressions & consideration, Deku’s individuality explodes? 

This episode starts from the flow around the cut below.

I wasn’t able to confirm the safety of Gran Turin from the time I met Giganto Makia (Kuro Mori was arrested), so I’m glad I knew it was safe!

At the time of the last incoming call, it seemed that the ominous premonition was winning …!

According to the story, Almight asked Gran Turin about “One for All Dreams” .

The cause of the one-for-all and all-for-one relationship is so big that it affects the roots of the Hiroaka world, so what will be said will surely become very important.

Gran Turino said, “Don’t expect it,” but the expression of Almite, which listens seriously, was impressive.

Though he has retired as a symbol of peace, I think he was still almighty as he was a former hero and a teacher of Deku, trying to do his best!

he specific part of this conversation will be supplemented a little in the last 210 episodes, but it still feels more mysterious.

But if this mystery of personality is revealed, Deku may be able to master One For All even more!

For Deku, who will be fighting the Evil All-One, from now on, this mystery clarification will be an important step!

The fifth set is finally open!

Also, in episode 210, the long-awaited fifth set has finally begun!

Just before the start, I had a sense of incongruity in my personality, but for the time being it seemed like a good start!

As for the operation, it seems that the main operation is to jump around with a full cowl and deliberately discover it, calculate the position of the B group members by backward calculation from the attacking direction, and enter the capture operation from there!

However, from here onwards, the shaking of the members of group B will start at once!

I think that psychological pressure was tremendous because Monoma was a tactician character!

The first step is to start with the following “Care!” 

It’s “Kya!” That was uttered by Ochako ‘s voice, but it’s a pain for me that I can’t tell if this is a real Ochako voice or a heartfelt kun persona code.

It’s a huge disadvantage because you have to deal with the situation in front of you, but you have to worry about your friends …!

To put it the other way around, I think Group B started from a really good place! Good! 

Inflammation between the invading things explodes!

From here, the talk of Neito Mamono explodes!

I have always had this kind of personality, and each word was chosen carefully and had the destructive power of flash!

Moreover, as Deku, he may have been copied from  Kenshin-kun  , so I can’t even answer the detour!

In the exchange, how did you get the impression that not only information is blocked but also “means for obtaining information” are limited?

Psychological war against things starts!

In the middle of the 210th episode, it seems that the psychological war with Phantom Thief has restarted.

First of all, I would like to open my mouth from the following one word, but it is cool because it appears already!

It’s a nekara character, but it has a great presence as usual!

Deku talks plainly what he thinks “How does Team B think?”

If you keep calm, you are just saying what you mean, but when you stand on Deku’s stand , there must be “annoyance as if you are in your head.”

Even more troublesome is the “power to draw people” between things !

I think his words have a magical power that makes you want to listen!

As he walks through Deku’s psychology, he also mentions that Deku may be most afraid.

For Deku, if the other three are targeted while he is a decoy, “the decoy cannot play the role of a decoy .”

If the surroundings don’t catch me decoy, Dek Pyung Pyong is like “just playing” .

Deku wants to avoid just this, but the other person is aware of it.

And just by stating what you are aware of, the pressure on the deck should be substantial!

Bullet of words between things to fold!

In this, Menma continues to speak as if he understood all of Deku’s psychological fluctuations.

Mr. Kento also said that he had a “spirit” , but he seems to be the type who thinks deeply and deeply about things.

So you can expect what the other person is thinking …

And that’s equal, what would you hate if the opponent did? I understand that … that!

It feels like I’m connecting words, but I think Deku’s spirit is definitely cut off!

With the current information, Deku cannot decide whether to return or not.

From at drove to the can not be determined situation “Now if I live that? C’mon C’mon C’mon!” That’s between now of things that have been packed with!

By the way, it should be noted that in this series of things, things have succeeded in defeating Deku’s “thinking power” halfway!

It feels like it ‘s either A or B! Come on! But this incitement also seemed to prevent me from thinking about the possibilities of C and D !

Then, from here onwards, we will pursue further and add psychological sway!

While hesitating and shaken, he tries to maximize the “feelings of anger” in relation to the bomb affair !

Anger’s emotions make people’s judgments go mad most … but this time it feels like they know it!

You may feel that excellence among things is shining brightly even with just the psychological interaction up to this point!

Three people of Midoriya team engaged Shoda, Kodai, and Yanagi!

On the other hand, the three members of the Midoriya team decided to engage with Shoda, Kodai, and Yanagi.

It was a close-up of this 3 to 3 before the personality of things!

As Batwan, I thought Shoda-kun would come out and fight, but it might be impressed that he also contributed to the long-distance battle from behind!

Attack from Poltergeist!

For the three members of the Midoriya team, the development starts from the following cuts.

It seems that Ashido is not very nervous, or at the present stage, honestly, these three people may seem quite unreliable.

I don’t think the individual is weak, but the atmosphere is such that the overwhelming disadvantage is the “hunted side” -like impression, probably due to the compatibility and the situation.

Ashido has a high level of physical ability, so he can fight on the front lines, but Ochako and Mineda are especially honwaka.

Perhaps the compatibility of these three people may also be a cause that looks unreliable …!

Then, in episode 210, the first strike by Yanagi’s Poltergeist explodes!

I was also looking at the possibility of having an attacking method using a ghost’s body like Mr. Ectoplasm, but as far as the above cut is confirmed, it seems that it is possible to use it close to “kinetic power” .

It seems to be the essence of this attack to fly things from medium to long distances and cause damage!

It seems that the attack was a slight hit, but it is still very effective in the sense of “searching for the positions of the three people and dragging them out”

Group A members who are forced to fall behind!

So, from here onwards, I was forced to run into an inferiority.

Basically, in addition to Ashido and Reiju, which can only be effective if they are close, the three trap-type Mineda are very weak over long distances …!

If only these three people have to fight … then it seems that they can only stand passively aiming for an unbeatable fight or find a way to aim for close-range fighting …?

The cooperation of the B group members who do not loosen the attack is perfect.

Looking at the part where you can’t see Kokoro-kun in question, is it like being on the side of things? How would!

The development will also incorporate the explanation of the individuality of Yanagi, Kodai, and Shoda!

Then, from here, the development will also incorporate the explanation about the individuality of Yanagi, Kodai, and Shoda!

For Batwan, who wanted to know the details of each individual, this description was called with excitement!

By the way, Yanagi-chan looks cute, though! 

As I touched on above, her personality is “Poltergeist” , which means she can move nearby objects.

It’s about the weight of a single person that can be moved, but it’s a personality that can be used enough for restraint!

It seems that it can be used for disaster relief, and depending on the method, it can be used like Kakutori Pony’s horn cannon, which is a very convenient personality! (The surveillance camera can be floated, manipulated and placed anywhere you like …)

It’s a hero who looks pretty bright, and I’m sure it’s going to be popular!

About Odai-chan’s individuality “size” and Shoda-kun’s individuality “Twin Impact”!

First, let’s talk about size, which is the character of Kodai-chan.

It seems that this personality is the one that can make things bigger and smaller.

It has good compatibility with Yanagi-chan’s Poltergeist, so you can fly it in small size and release it at the time of the collision.

Regarding this personality, it is worth noting that it complements the disadvantage of Yanagi-chan’s Poltergeist, which is the disadvantage of being able to move only one person .

We’ve been doing our best in the same class for about a year, and the collaboration between the two was perfect …

By the way, as an aside, Yanagi-chan’s Poltergeist’s personality may be compatible with Ochako’s Zero Gravity!

Even if this influences the battle, I have an interesting feeling! (Maybe you can use something floated by Ochako.)

So the next thing I want to touch on is Mr. Shoda!

His personality, Twin Impact, will cause another hit at any time to hit the place!

In addition, the second hit is several times more powerful … so it’s a personality that is likely to be useful in terms of physical attack!

In the 5th set this time, it seems that he is concentrating on long-distance attacks for the sake of strategy, but he seems to be able to demonstrate his ability even in short-distance battles!

Also, he is calm and calm in character, which may be his strength!

One for all that explodes!

The following cuts will probably have the most impact in episode 210 this time!

Explosion of one-for-all that you should have thought of calming down!

What’s more, this outburst is a bit of a hump, right?

Deku’s arm is broken and you can see his arm, and if you’re not good, you’re crushing your muscles, right? Depiction!

It was Deku who decided to hit a long distance by setting a space between things, but it can be said that this blow completely failed.

In other words, I can continue fighting with this flow … What can I do?

From a Batwan’s sense, I think this is a “match- breaking happening” , but …

Anyway, Almight, who can make the most accurate judgment, is currently talking to Gran Turin.

By the way, what will happen to the confrontation between Deku vs. Object?

Also, what kind of ending will the 5th set afterwards converge?

Expectations have risen for the development of the next 211 episodes, and it can’t be helped!!

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