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My hero academia is in great shape this week as information about the 4th season of the anime has begun to appear.

This time, I’d like to show you Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading such a story, Hiroaka!

Continuing from the last time, this time is a runaway of Deku. It feels like one for all is exploding, but how do you deal with this? That was the focus!

Also, the interaction between things and heartbeats was good!

Episode 211 “Inherited things” Spoilers confirmed impressions & consideration, one for all black runaway!

This time, Episode 211 starts from the conversation between Mr. Monoma and Mr. Shinjo.

The personality of these two people is not like fighting on the front like Deku, but there seems to be a part that feels sympathy.

You may feel something like a unique charisma from this thing. Did you get the feeling that you are taking in some kind of heartbeat?

The conversation between these two people was very interesting to read.

Two personalities that can’t become an easy-to-understand hero like Almight.

Both of them have a very technical personality, and they need a high level of strategic ability to be used in combat …

I think the following cuts also show that aspect!

In order to become a hero, the individuality that you have to go around like a hero.

In that sense, the two-seater personality may have a very similar aspect!

By the way, depending on the personality to be copied, I think that it is possible to fight on the front line, but the negative point is that it will be a deteriorated version of the original at the time of copying.

For example, if you make a copy of Kirishima’s hardening, you will be stupid, but if you hit Kirishima in that state, you will be defeated in terms of the skill of your individuality.

The personality of the copy is strong, but it’s difficult to use to become a superhero!

The personality of a runaway deck!

Black one-for-all running out of control with Deku.

I touched on this in the following article, but I ‘m wondering if the “singularity of individuality” really influences it.

It feels like One For All, which overflows from Deku’s arm, is a symbol of passing a singular point!

One-for-all runaway with unprecedented momentum.

The highlight of this 211 episode is the one for all incident! I think it was like that!

By the way, it seems that the surrounding area did not notice this strange thing!

Even calm things were said to be “unknown power (growth)”, and it seemed that he didn’t think (at this point) that Deku’s movement was out of control!

By the way, right after this, it seems that Sugar-kun showed a similar reaction.

Much of the whole may have the impression that the reaction to the Deku outbreak has been delayed.

Then, a little later, Almight and Ochako started to recognize the situation …!

Too violent runaway of Deku!

In the middle of the work, the focus was on a pretty intense runaway deck.

The runaway episode in Episode 211 has a pretty painful atmosphere, and I wonder if it feels even closer to what it used to be in the “Muscular Battle” .

Moreover, the content seems to be far from the one for all that has been done so far!

A force that surpasses the one-for-all experience up to now?

The one-for-all black runaway used in episode 211 of this time.

Isn’t the following cut the most dangerous of these?

Something like a sharp darkness spills out of my arm, hitting a wide area.

This seems to be a characteristic that is clearly different from the “strengthening of physical ability” shown by One for All up to now!

What would this personality be if it were different from one for all?

After all, the personality was mutated as people passed the ability for many generations?

Regarding this depiction, there should be a solid reason for Professor Horikoshi, so I’m looking forward to it!

It’s like a black and dreadful aura, which is completely different from the green bee of the full cowl.

Even when I used 100% of one for all, I wouldn’t have seen such a description.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how heterogeneous this condition is …!

Alumite and Ochako who notice something strange!

At this point, finally Almight and Ochako have noticed something strange!

I noticed that Allmight was the original one-for-all user, and Ochako could react because I heard that the individuality was wrong before the fifth set .

It would be best if Dr. Aizawa’s “erasure” could temporarily stop the personality of Deku, but the situation is even more pressing.

Of course, I think Mr. Aizawa will move after this …!

The following cuts I want to check next.

Okako sensed a sense of incongruity in Deku’s movement, and many of the members on the scene interpreted it as “Deku’s new skill”. Also!

The appearance of Deku who is swung around by his runaway arm is painful! 

I think that Ochako’s expression was quite skillful in the above cut.

I don’t know what’s going on, but Deku-kun is dangerous anyway.

I feel that it was one act where such a particular sense of tension was well expressed!

211 episode climax!

In the climax of episode 211, it was decided that Okuko who was going to fight the one-for-all and Ochako trying to keep up the situation would be drawn.

It’s said that the main character’s flower shape is going out of control, but in the case of Hiroaka, it’s so painful that I don’t feel like it!

Anyway, it feels like the situation is getting more and more urgent!

It’s a match against one for all!

The appearance of Deku trying to resist his runaway personality with all his might.

The runaway this time was quite fierce, but what will happen to Deku?

Even if you survive this runaway as a first-aid measure, if this kind of situation seems to occur a lot, it will be difficult to fight in actual battle.

It seems that the Villan Coalition is also activating, and this runaway of individuality seems to affect future hero activities …! 

It would be nice if Erase Aizawa’s erasure could be used immediately, but unfortunately it seems that he is now far away.

However, today’s Deku feels like a clear threat to the students in front of them (especially things like things and mind).

It has become a situation where members nearby have to deal with it without waiting for Mr. Aizawa to arrive …!

Ochako that keeps you in control!

Ochako showed a sign of great success at the end of this time.

You have a lot of courage when you’re entwining a runaway deck with a physical technique! Wow!

I feel that the results of practicing manual battle at Battle Hero Gunhead’s office have come out here!

If I hadn’t learned physical arts at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to stand like this!

Ochako, who has kept his dexterity, calls out Kentashi-kun.

Perhaps by letting him do something, he should calm Deku’s movement.

When it comes to, I think that it is a “brainwash” in a proper manner, but what happens now?

If Kentaku-kun talks to Deku, Deku will deliberately respond to the call (if calm) and try to stop the one-for-all runaway!

If that happens, Kentashi-kun will surely cooperate with you.

It would be best if this would stop the runaway of personality, but I’m afraid if it doesn’t stop.

This one-for-all is “runaway contrary to Deku’s will” , so there is concern that even if Deku loses consciousness, the runaway will continue …

When that happens, the most dangerous thing is Ochako, who is in a close range …!

I’m scared, how to finish this time …

In the next 212 episodes, it would be nice if Deko was sealed in collaboration with Ochako and Shinsou-kun, and if not, …

Ah, there’s no merger issue in such an interesting place! regretful! 

What should I do to feel this harassment until the next Hiroaka! 

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