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The battle between Group A and Group B has also entered the final fifth set, and Deku and others have come into play.

The battle is just beginning and the battle is early, but suddenly the right arm of Deku runs out of control!

Just as it happened before, a black and dreadful aura develops from the right arm, and the power of Deku can no longer control it!

With the power of one-for-all being so powerful that the situation disappeared at the game room, the last time it ended when Reisu asked his heart to help him.

Is it possible that Reisen and Shinjo can control the runaway that duk’s right arm has?

212 episodes of “My Hero Academia” ! Spoilers

Well then, 212 episodes of “My Hero Academia (Hiroaka)”! Let’s summarize the main points of.

If you don’t have time, we have compiled a table of contents so please refer to it.

Gravity Hero Reizo’s Thoughts

This time, it begins with the Reminiscence childhood recollection scene.

One of the painful things about my childhood, the beautiful days, was that my parents always had tired faces.

Rei, who grew up seeing such parents, was a child who saw the smiles of the people around him who were more than happy to be helped when he saw his hero activity for the first time.

Helping those in need and making them smile.

This was exactly what I wanted to do as a hero.

Rei, who has survived various battles with Deku and realizes how hard his activity as a hero is, stands up to help Deku who is suffering before his eyes.

“Who can protect a hero when it is hard?”

Rei, who has a particularly strong feeling for Deku, tries to help Deku somehow, but he realizes that this power is not the intention of Deku himself, and seeks help from his enemy’s mind.

Rei who has a love affair with Deku is a scene that conveys a strong desire to help when Deku is in trouble, probably because he has a strong sense of being always helped.

The first step of heart manipulation as a hero

Reihisa sees Deku who can’t control himself and asks his heart to brainwash his mind and ask him to stop the runaway.

Jealousy was a jealousy against Deku, who has a great personality, and he shows himself as a real hero.

It was said that it was a character suitable for villain from around, and it seemed like a villain character, but at this time the shining eyes were the hero itself!

“I want to use my personality for others”

Deku, who suffered from control of his power but answered “Oh !!”, was relieved by his brain, and succeeded in sealing his uncontrollable power.

This is a scene where the emotions that grew up as a man and as a hero are drawn in a very cool way!

One-for-all successors have arrived! !

With the brainwashing of his heart, Deku, who has suppressed the power of the one-for-all runaway, faints and wakes up in a dream.

Like the dream I had before, there was a black fog around me, and I could hear yells suddenly.

“Oh my god! It’s different! It’s different!”

Having said that, it was one of the one-for-all successors who came out of the black fog.

The predecessor, who speaks with “sa” at the end, says “I’m full of time! Have you expressed !?” He is the heir.

Although only visuals have appeared before, it has not been announced yet how many successors.

At the end, he said, “Go for it!”, So he is a kind and powerful hero.

I don’t know where I came from from the accent, but it sounds like a familiar teacher character.

Summary of 212 episodes of “My Hero Academia”

Deku had a hard time thinking that he could finally show his growth, but he seems to have managed to suppress the runaway power with the help of his colleagues.

This area, where the growth of mental exercise is mainly drawn, is exciting for future developments due to the addition of powerful new friends.

And I think this match with Group B is a time to show the growth of each student and new characters in various ways, but it has become a different flow in the final game.

For a little while, the atmosphere is likely to flow into a side story that deviates from the main story of the match with Group B.

The mystery of the power of one-for-all and the successors of the past are still full of mysteries, so I think it will be gradually elucidated around here.

One for All is the 9th generation of Deku, but it seems that there are still hidden secrets that even the predecessor Almite does not know, and there are successors who have not yet released the visuals.

In addition, I hope to wait for the next time, hoping that I will be able to unravel the use of new power and the relationship with All for One!

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