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Because I neglected myself in anger by the provocation of Neneto Monoma , the power of one-for-all, which I have never seen, is activated!

Deku, who is not able to use his power at all, suffers from being unable to suppress runaway, but he has been able to suppress power runaway through his effort and beautiful days.

But Deku faints and goes straight to the one-for-all world of consciousness.

And Deku met in that consciousness was one of the successors of the One for All history!

Episode 213 of “My Hero Academia”! Spoilers

Well then, episode 213 of “My Hero Academia (Hiroaka)”! Let’s summarize the main points of.

If you don’t have time, we have compiled a table of contents so please refer to it.

One for all growth!

In the one-for-all consciousness world, Deku met a gorilla-like big positive man.

The man is one of the one-for-all successors and spoke to him in various ways to help Deku, who is struggling with power.

However, at this time, Deku was in a state where most of his body was a black fog and he could not speak without a mouth.

Even if he sees such a figure, he is such a positive man that he can get rid of it with “Donmai!”

Still, the man reveals the secrets of one-for-all for a short time.

Deku is deku, and it seems so clear even though he is in consciousness, so I felt that the souls of the successive successors were still alive in One For All.

And from that successor

You can tell that.

In fact, there is a small core in One for Fore, and the factors of the successors are mixed in with it.

And now that Deku has become the owner, it seems to be fluctuating and beginning to swell.

According to the man, the black aura that was activated from Deku’s arm was “Kurochi” and the moment he thought “I want to catch Mr. Monoma!” Is said to have been activated.

It seems that this personality itself is now more powerful than the original owner had, with the added power of one-for-all.

Before the body disappears, the man becomes deku

“Six personalities will develop in the shaven”

I will leave.

The man disappeared with the advice, “Don’t use your strength in anger and control your heart.”

From this, I learned that I could not defeat All For One and that there is a dead tree, and I saw a wonderful scene with successive successors who committed all the peace of this world to Deku.

Deku of the resurrection! From here on!

It is said that it is Deku who completes the One for All, and Deku who has been entrusted with power is awakened by the words of Reijo. (It seems that slap was also done)

I was able to manage the one-for-all thanks to my effort and the beautiful days, but soon after I took a break, things hit the deck!

A big bolt controlled by Reiko Yanagi’s individuality of Poltergeist was attacked by things riding on it!

I managed to evade the attack on the verge of refuge and escaped from the difficulty due to the twilight of Rei day, but the support of group B was also quick, and besides Reiko Yanagi, Yui Kodai and Niren Shoda. Nrengeki) will also join the war at once!

The 5th set is a fierce battle with everyone! 

Minase and Ashido, who were looking for decks in Group A, finally joined!

Two people follow in while throwing acid and mogimogi, but as a result, everyone participates in the war, and all of them will be a great mess! !

As each fights with their own uniqueness, their minds will again attack with the capture weapons of the Eraser Head.

However, Deku, on the other hand, caught the weapon with a one-handed aim for the beautiful day!

When you see this scene of Deku, you can feel that you are growing faster by accepting various things and the ability to respond to changes in your personality.

The teachers were confused about the one-for-all runaway to stop this battle, but after confirming that they had returned to a decent battle, they will be watching the heart-to-heart battle against Deku again.

After all, is it true that teachers want to see their students’ growth and potential?

Well, even if I’m not a teacher, I want to watch this battle a little more!

“My Hero Academia” Spoiler Episode 213 Summary

There is too much room for growth, whether it’s decent or timid, and I’m worried about future developments!

Both Group A and Group B are growing fast, and the more they accumulate in actual battles, the faster they grow, so I’m excited to read!

I’m excited that various personalities will still be active in future deku, and there seems to be a person in the persona code, so keep an eye on your mind!

Either way, this time, it’s 213 episodes that can be expected very much in the future.

I’m wondering if it will be settled next time!

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