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Last time, it was on the verge of canceling the fifth set battle with Group B due to the one-for-all runaway that Deku had, but the teachers decided to continue.

It was a development to watch over Deku and his heart, who have not yet died, but both teams came out and it was a mess!

Deku, who is uneasy about how to handle One for All, can he fight properly? ?

Let’s consider Episode 214! !

214 episodes of “My Hero Academia” ! Spoilers

Then, episode 214 of “My Hero Academia (Hiroaka)”! Let’s summarize the main points of.

If you don’t have time, we have compiled a table of contents so please refer to it.

Deku’s speculation

Brad and Almite, who question Eraser Head who decided to continue the game, are worried that “the previous deck was not normal”.

However, because Eraser was able to stop the runaway due to his personality

“In the worst case, you can stop with your own personality”

I will persuade him.

And above all, it seems that it was the best decision that the people were still motivated.

If you see all the teams trying to win, even a teacher can’t stop so easily!

If you made it an eraser, you might have wanted to see the growth of your heartfelt exercises in actual battle.

And Deku, who can’t easily use his individuality due to the one-for-all runaway, loses his power with a one-on-one relationship with his heartbeat.

Although Rei-Ji encourages me to retire and recover, Deku seems to be planning to take some action by saying, “If you retire here, you will lose. Now that you are in front of you is the chance to win!” did.

Deku asks something on a beautiful day and seems to take the next step.

Mineda’s seriousness! ? Leap Minoda Explosion! ! How far is the calculation! ?

The scene changes, and there is a 2 to 3 battle between Ashido, Mineda VS Shoda, Kodai, and Yanagi!

In response to Ashido’s acid attack “Assid Shot”, Group B defends with small and large personalities, but the attack is only Shoda’s twin impact and it will be avoided except for it!

And here, Mineda takes full advantage, and Shoda’s twin impact fire (release) protects Ashido with the unique “grape buckler” of Mogi Mogi!

Mogi Mogi sticks to other than Mineda, but has the property of playing without sticking to Mineda.

And use that reaction to bury your face in Ashito’s chest! (Lol)

Mineda, who was thrown to Ashido in revenge, activates a special move, “Grape Pinky Combo Leap Mineda”, which uses repulsion, and this time attacks Reiko Yanagi!

The place where only women aim is truly Mineta (laughs)

Even though Mineda’s activity suddenly led to an advantage for Group A even in the 2 to 3 scene, Group B was forced into a tough battle in which Shoda followed two people who were not good at close quarters.

Mineda, who works hard on erotic things, doesn’t know how much the calculation is, but he is showing a surprising performance in such a place! 

The counterattack. Eating the main character of the supporting role! ?

Between Deku and Reisen, the one who jumps in by himself.

This attack, which seems to be reckless, is a trick that can be done because I was touching Deku in the previous contact and copying One for All!

It is a personality that you cannot become strong by yourself, but by copying the power of the protagonist, you will transform into a supporting role that eats the protagonist!

I try to overwhelm the personality that I copied with the power of the copied personality, and I try to counter it with GMA (Gunhead Marshall Arts) I just learned!

Originally, one-for-all should be superior in speed and power, but for some reason the personality of things did not act, and on the contrary it was suppressed by power on the beautiful day.

It seems that One for All couldn’t be copied between things because it’s special unlike other personalities.

Even when transferring personality, it may be a personality that can not be arbitrarily taken away, as there is a binding that “the person can only give it to the other person who tried to hand it”.

Once again, Deku VS heartbeat! 

In the battle of Deku vs. heart exercises, I think that if I lose sight of myself, I will be at a disadvantage, so Deku will lighten up my body with the uniqueness of Reisu and jump into the pocket of heartbeat at once!

This was a big idea!

It will be the first time for the two people to engage in sports festivals, but it seems that there will be a slight amount of discretion for those who don’t have their own personality.

After that, Kentai uses the restraint weapons that Eraser Head has taught me, and uses the terrain to drop obstacles!

Mastered with restrained weapons, he shows off something different from himself and attacks Deku!

However, after meeting the successors of the past, Deku realized that he was not the same as he used to be, and he was regaining the confidence to master One for All!

And finally, you can use your own will to activate the new unique black whip! 

Summary of 214 episodes of “My Hero Academia”

Returning from the world of one-for-all consciousness to the real world in battle, Deku started fighting against the causal traits that are related to him.

As is the case with other teammates, it is a time to introduce in the battle that individual’s ability and individual skills have been strengthened.

I am very excited that the overall mental growth is remarkable and there is still a lot of growth!

In particular, I think Deku will be able to master the individuality of one for all in the future, so I’m looking forward to what kind of personality it is!

First of all, I think that even if you use the black whip (Kuromuchi) well, the range of battle will expand considerably, so you will level up at once! 

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