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Last time, in the great turmoil that all of Group A and Group B were mixed up, Deku suppressed the power of one for all and created a one-on-one situation with heartbeat.

Although it was inferior in mind strength with no physical strength and was tricked by the attack of the arrested weapon newly mastered in mind, it is a skill to control the new power of one for all by controlling your own mind will do.

By believing in my strength, I found a breakthrough!

My Hero Academia Episode 215! Spoilers

Well then, 215 episodes of “My Hero Academia (Hiroaka)”! Let’s summarize the main points of.

If you don’t have time, we have compiled a table of contents so please refer to it.

One for All Black Whip 

Black whip (Kuromuchi), a newly acquired power in the world of one-for-all consciousness.

To the previous successor

Deku remembers his training at Seaside Park with Almight.

And remembering the words that you can be a hero, you can succeed in controlling your heart!

The teachers were wary of a runaway due to the activation of the black whip, but I also notice that this is also a different situation.

Clearly different from a few minutes ago when he was suffering from being unable to control a runaway, Deku was trying to use himself by activating himself.

Although the minds and teachers were surprised by the power of the restraint system like a captive weapon, the black whip triggered the black whip and the black whip disappeared in a moment as the pain of the Deku’s body ran for a while.

I can’t keep up with my extended power, and I realize once again that it is a personality that cannot be handled with a maximum output of 20%.

After all, it seems that basic skills are still lacking in the current deck.

On the contrary, if you think about it, it seems that there is still a lot of growth, but at the moment it is the bottleneck that only individuality is rapidly growing.

Then, in the close quarters, when he feels that he is bad, he tries to rebuild his system by keeping a distance from Deku, but Deku tries to track his heart with an 8% output, which is less physically demanding at this stage.

The last fart between things

Although he was detained on Ryūji, he attacks Ryūjyo while understanding that it is useless resistance due to the personality of the Poltergeist copied while being taken to the prison.

However, it does not hit easily.

Then, to shake up the beautiful days as much as possible, I start talking about my personality, the copy.

I was warned that I was copying the brainwashing personality of my heartbeat, and it was a good day to answer the question between things with gestures, but here I ask about my copy number.

I was able to copy for 5 minutes, and because I had three clocks that represented it, I thought that I could only copy up to three personalities on Reisu.

I read “Yanagi’s Poltergeist”, “Small and large size”, and “tactical brainwashing” in terms of tactics, but I thought that maybe “3 clocks could be used as dummy 4”. “I will shake the heart of Rei.

And basically, the copy, which is the personality of things, can not be activated at the same time, but some personalities have persistent personality and some can be activated at the same time.

Although I feel uncomfortable with the words that I don’t know whether they are true or not, Reihi who has locked things up in a prison hurry to support everyone.

And the unpleasant premonition is on the mark, and at the moment when Deku, who was chasing with 8% output, tried to catch his heart, a strong shock to his face! !

Another personality that Monoma was copying, Shoda’s Twin Impact was activated! !

It is not certain whether the personality that can copy things increased from three to four, or whether the last one was a twin impact instead of brainwashing, but due to the last fart I got a gap for a moment I will succeed in making it.

It was a strategy that was unique to those who could not compete with their physical strength.

Inversion play of group B! 

The other members during the war were only able to use the new technique, Hanemineta, for the first time, and after Minoda was captured by Shoda, Ashido also became a defense.

They were Group B trying to fold it all at once with Yanagi’s Poltergeist, but Yanagi and Kodai will be seized by Ryori on the day of their support!

After mastering GMA (Gamma Head Martial Arts), Rei days, where close combat has become stronger, are here to look incredibly reliable!

Twin Impact, which was activated by a surprise attack to make a chance for Deku, is rebounded by Deku’s strong intention, and Deku keeps his mind down!

It seemed that Group B would have an advantageous development at a stretch, but it seems that Group A decided the game due to the strength of Deku and Reiji.

Summary of 215 stories of “My Hero Academia

When Deku tried to master the new unique black whip, I felt that the game would be over at once, but the one-for-all ability was deep.

It seems that the improvement of basic ability is indispensable to use it well.

Group B also showed struggle as a supporting role and improved his mental skills, and as a whole, it was an unprecedented development that suffered Group A in the high level battle until the end.

I think the teachers who were watching all had a fight that was beyond my imagination with all five sets.

In the future, I think that there will be more scenes where we will fight in cooperation with senior students and students from other schools, so it is an item for school to acquire the ability to fight in team play flexibly through such battles. Isn’t it going?

I am worried about the development next week! !

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