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I’m fine this Monday again! !

So, I got up early today and bought a jump, so I’d like to touch on the impressions and consideration of Hiroaka 216 episode immediately!

We were able to conclude with the victory of Group A and be able to lead to the next step!

216 Episodes Spoilers confirmed impressions & consideration, completed with victory of group A

By the way, the story of Hiroaka 216, which was also exciting this time.

First of all, I’d like to check from the following cuts, but this is a heartfelt pattern of Kentashi-kun!

As Kinjo-kun sees the hero course as a regular student, he seems to have a feeling of inferiority, impatience, or something similar to that!

The following cuts have the impression that they are all awesome compared to me!

Actually, Kentashi-kun was very active, but he seemed to have the above impression because he was so conscious and responsible.

I don’t think you have to think so far, but this is also good spirits!

Then, a little later, but the members of Group A who were cheered were also happy!

In this competition, Group A concludes with a good feeling, winning more stars and making a difference with Group B.

Especially, the 4th set was completely closed by Bakugo Musou, and the 5th set was 4-0 (however, it was a close battle as the number was open), so it became a form that Group A exerted its full potential!

Everyone’s sad expression is dazzling! 

A little interaction after the match!

In addition, after the game, it was a little reflection meeting, and information exchange related to the 5th set was exchanged.

I thought Kentashi-kun was going to become a hero, but as expected, it seems that this competition was like a transfer test!

I have been taught by Aizawa-sensei well, and if I don’t have any extreme negative points, I must pass the transfer!

And this time you did a great job, I think the appeal was a huge success!

On the other hand, it’s more anxious about dec. feel was surrounded by .

The following cuts are deku talking about Black Whip’s runaway, but as homeroom teacher Aizawa, there are concerns.

Immediately afterwards, the brightness of Midnight softened the scene, but I am wondering how Deku’s problem was interpreted!

The personality of the black whip that Deku can control (still difficult to handle).

I think Aizawa-sensei calmly analyzes the situation, but how much do you read about Deku’s personality?

Personally, I think that what Aizawa-sensei looks at to Deku is a factor that influences the scenario, so I might pay attention to it!

Ochako’s Behavior & Feelings of Kentashi-kun!

On this page, let’s check the behavior of Ochako and the feelings of Kokoro-kun in order.

First of all, Ochako, but Ashido had a good taste!

Ashido was very interested in Koi Bana even when she became a boarding house, but this time it was well drawn!

The entanglement between Ashido and Ochako was really good!

The following cut was interesting because of the entanglement between Ashido and Ochako.

Ashido is approaching Ochako with a face that she has never seen before ~ ​​w

Atmosphere such as a snake-like expression with a prey as Koi Bana! As expected, Ashido!

I hadn’t been aware of anything until then, but after being pointed out, my face turned red.

I think the atmosphere of Ochako was really cute around here!

I mean, if there was such a fun thing in the presence of everyone, there might have been the possibility of following the course of class recognition …?

Anyway, Ochako’s love is, to some extent, feeling that her female friends are finding out.

After going back to the dormitory, I have a feeling that girls talk will be excited about this matter w

Okako will turn her face red even after she returns!

Highly conscious system, Shinsou-kun!

In episode 216 this time, I think that it became clearer that  Kenshin-kun  is a “conscious system” even more than before .

The following cuts are exactly that, and it really feels like “answers of smart people” !

The clever who can objectively look at himself like other people shines!

Mr. Aizawa’s reaction was excellent in this regard.

Dr. Aizawa wrestles silently, approaching Starsta and tightening his neck at once

The expression of Kentashi-kun, who was surprised by the sudden strangle, is surreal and interesting!

Professor Aizawa points out that he is here to “become” a hero who can save someone .

That’s right, I think it’s an egg because I’m still not satisfied with it , and based on that, Mr. Aizawa’s statement is correct, and I feel like heartfelt-kun is overthinking!

However, having a strong sense of responsibility is a very good thing, and I have the feeling that this personality seems to make Karen-kun even stronger!

Is Mitsugi-kun confirmed to be transferred?

First of all, I would like to pick up the following cuts.

Kentai-kun had a great fight in both races, and the transfer to Hero was almost fixed!

By the way, I wonder if there was a reaction like “Group A? Group B?” In response to the phrase  I’ll come up after two years” here .

Doesn’t Yue change classes when the grade goes up?

Batwan’s feeling is, “When I go to school in the second year, I have to change classes, and Almight and Midnight will be my homeroom teacher for two years.” But what happens?

I feel lonely because I have to change classes, and if there was a class change, I would be replaced with the current members, so that makes me feel lonely.

It’s also fun because I think it’s also a characteristic of the event of going on to school , but I think it was also a act that made me feel that the day was approaching …!

Things only show signs of success again

So, at the last event, there is a sign of success again!

Although the atmosphere was a little lonely, do you feel that the following cuts have already recovered?

Anyway, 216 episodes of this time that things were fine and relieved.

At the end, it seems that Eri-chan will be deodorized, but what is Professor Aizawa trying to do with the cooperation of the people?

If all goes well, you’ll have to copy Eri-chan’s personality …

In this development, Batwan wants to expect the pattern of “using and copying the” rewinding personality “of things to restore Milio’s personality . 

It would be ideal if this could be done, but it seems to be Hiroaka and it will not work well ~. (But I want you to do that because I like Milio)

Anyway, it’s great to hear that 216 episodes of this time have been suggested to be active in things!

GOGO Monoma, I hope to continue to support Nemana Neito’s soaring fun! !

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