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This is the 217th story of Hiroaka, which was so exciting.

Last time, I was reading the page while expectations were high for Milio’s revival, as Monoma was called by Eri-chan!

Unfortunately, as a result, that desire did not come true, but the details of the individuality of things have been revealed! Was funny!

Episode 217 Spoilers confirmed impressions & consideration, ska’s meaning revealed!

This episode 217 started with the secret special training of Deku and the bomber who included all-might.

Anyway, the motivation of the bomber was amazing!

I want to force Deku’s black whip to hit it and hit it from the front! I think it was very good because the atmosphere was full!

As a result, Deku’s Black Whip seems to have been unable to activate due to the battle at that time, but what will happen from now on!

I was surprised when I first heard “6 personalities  , but I’m trying to put “limits” in this way …!

As expected, Professor Horikoshi, I think it’s really wonderful to balance around here! 

About interactions after training!

The following cuts I would like to check next.

The interaction after the training was very deep and I think it was very interesting to watch.

The following cuts were exactly the same, and were close to the origin of One For All!

Allmight had the impression of being a perfect hero, but when it comes to such a grand theme as “What is one for all?”

It seems that Almight didn’t even know about the usual Skinhead-senpai, and it seems that we will be exploring and deepening our understanding of this issue!

This area contains elements such as solving a mystery, and it is a very fun part as a consideration man.

All for one and one for all. I would like to keep track of these two personalities!

Also, the following cuts that the bomber said were important to pay attention to!

The personality of one-for-all and all-for-one is similar.

All-for-one that is “characteristics that take away and give individuality” and one-for-all that is “characteristics that stock and give individuality” .

The two personalities actually feel very similar!

But why did All-For-One hand the individuality of “stocking individuality” to the first generation ?

I think that “individuality that stocks individuality” is also a kind of individuality that does not function as a single body, so giving it to the first generation, which was originally thought to be non-individuality, is … hmm.

Or is there any way to use the stocked personality alone? concern!

About everyone’s rest scene (?)

Next, let’s talk about everyone’s rest scene (?).

After the Kobe combat training, a first-year student, Yuei, is interacting with each other for exchange and reflection.

It’s really nice to feel relaxed in relax mode!

First graders interacting in a place like a lobby!

Regarding the reflection and exchange scene, first from the following cut.

Each of them interacts with each other as they please, creating a lively atmosphere!

Ochako, Baiu and Hagakure are all chatting together.

Is Komori-chan a Hawks fan? Certainly Hawks is a good guy!

Also, it’s good that Kuro-kun is getting closer to Tokogami-kun. In a few seconds, the second illness talk will start w

Also, in the back, it seems that they are exchanging special moves and other members seem to have fun!

By the way, it was interesting that Minada was restrained like a torture, in the middle of the middle ww

The next cut I want to check is the following!

I was also interested in the exchange of fire and freeze, but I personally like the following cuts.

The message of Endeavor that the message came back and spilled a smile was cute and cute!

Aside from being a fucking dad, now Endeavor is charming!

The negative side of Yuei, Neneto Monoma!

Now, from here on, the turn of things I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Although it was called to Eri-chan’s place, this time it is in full swing! It was like that!

I really like this kind of place between things ~, ww

Then, as expected, in this episode 217, we will test whether things can copy Eri’s individuality.

Apparently , it didn’t seem to work well with “Ska” , so unfortunately the Milio revival flag disappeared.

However, the contents of the ska have been revealed!

The content of “ska” in the personality between things is that only the character of the individuality can be copied, so if it is a type that “stores something” in the individuality, the contents cannot be copied. That.

It seems that One For All could be copied on the outside, but it seems that the individuality stored inside could not be copied.

I think the illustration using fat gum in the above cut was very easy to understand and felt good!

Any personality depends on how you use it!

In this last event , Eri-chan will draw the content of “any personality depends on how you use it!”

The words Deku gave to Eri-chan, who is sick of her own personality, is kind and nice!

Even if the power of all-for-one is the source, it depends on how you use it!

Then, the last finishes with the flow around the cut below.

It seems that Deku encouraged Eri-chan, but he also noticed his personality.

Even if One For All was born from the power of All For One, it’s all up to you whether it’s dangerous or not!

Deku renewed his determination, partly in light of the words of the explosives passing through his mind.

This episode 217 was completed with the following cuts, but this is definitely a “breaking scene” !

The joint battle training of Group A and Group B was completed successfully, and the end of one episode.

So, in the next 218 episodes, I feel like a new chapter will start! 

Unfortunately, the next week’s Hiroaka is unlisted.

However, from here on, I think it’s like taking a breath to advance the pieces into a new battle … and I want Dr. Horikoshi to be refreshed!

The next scenario will definitely be a battle with villain.

Personally, I feel like “Gigant Makia” will come out, and when I look back at the high-end fight, I feel like I’m going to have the most dangerous fight ever!

Keep an eye out for the next episode of MHA 218! 

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