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Oops seriously, did you attack from this direction!!

That’s why this week’s Hiroaka 218 episodes are also exciting! Immediately I’d like to write about your thoughts and thoughts after reading this episode!

I thought that the villain alliance would be drawn next time, but I think that scenario will be put in this way …!

Episode 218: Spoiler Impressions & Thoughts, The Shadows of the Liberation Army Destroyer Dance!

The entrance of episode 218 this time is from the following cut.

There are various points to touch, but the main idea is to see that the joint training calmed down and started from a flow like … one paragraph!

First of all, the appearance of male and English students was as follows!

There is no doubt that the world is still doing villain wrongdoing today, but the male and English students are in peace mode.

It seems they haven’t been involved yet this time, and they’re enjoying a brief break … I guess I felt the atmosphere!

Everyone who is excited about the snow may have the impression that they are “ for the age ”!

Then, the scene changed, and the provisional exemption class was as follows.

In addition to the four people of Pyrofrost, Bakuto, Yarashi, and Chemie, there is one woman behind her!

Who on earth is she!

Eggs full of talent that had fallen behind in the provisional exemption test.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they will move in the future!!

So, for the time being, it’s around here as the entrance to the work. From this point on, the center of the scenario from now on is that the major lifestyle support maker, “Detnerat”, is drawing attention!

The president of Detonellat has come to the center!

From this point onwards, the president of Detonellat will be the center of the scenario.

At the very least, the following people will be at the core of the future story of “Villain”.

Although the president has an impressively tall nose and a refreshing smile, the fact that he is not necessarily a good person is revealed at an early stage.

If I go to the conclusion first, he seems to be classified as a villain, but the details are still a mystery.

I think he is also a dangerous person if I think back to the ugly development in the death dying Hachisai Akai edition …

What does this president who reigns at the top of Detonellat think? Attention is focused on future movements!!

About communication between the president and his subordinates (Miyashita)!

I think the interaction between the president and his subordinates (Miyashita) was very impressive in the middle of the work.

I mean, Miyashita, an employee, was a pretty cute character, and he liked it so much!

However, that Miyashita wouldn’t be able to follow that path so quickly …!

The president who will forgive you whatever you say!
From here, the exchange between the president and Miyashita.

Miyashita is an employee who has contributed significantly to Detonellat.

As far as the following cuts are confirmed, it seems that Miyashita worked hard to arrange the CM for Detonellat!

It seems that the relationship with the president is also quite good, and he showed a messy side, such as bullying the toe like this M-shaped bald (?)!

Also, the close relationship between these two people is expressed in the following cut.

The president did not get angry at Miyashita’s bullying, but rather “forgive me whatever I say” seemed and he even thought that he.

However, was this “not angry gesture” also the president’s “calculation”? The scene continued to remind me.

What made Miyashita think, “I will forgive you whatever you say .”

I’m sure in their “clear reason” I think there was a.

It seems that the behavior was prepared for the president to bring out Miyashita’s true feelings, but now I feel it!

It’s said that the Liberation Army is involved here …!

So the next cut I want to write is … It feels like I’m getting involved with the Liberation Army here!

The Liberation Army must have been an organization that was once directed by the Destro whose name came out during the Gentle episode.

The president says that he was influenced by reading this book …

As the president, we call individuality “ intelligence” and select words that are in line with the ideas and thoughts of the Liberation Front … an atmosphere like that.

On the other hand, Miyashita’s reaction was very cold, and I was not interested in the Liberation Army.

Miyashita’s interpretation seems to be “What the Inter-American Liberation Army is doing = terrorism”.

From the side of doing it, the “revolutionary battle” doing it, it might have been like a but depending on how you do it, it could be terrorist.

It might have been a glimpse of such a difference in consciousness!

At this point, I wasn’t sure what kind of action the Allied Liberation Army was doing, so I’m sorry, but at least it turned out that there was a gap between the president and Miyashita.

Miyashita was supposed to be the president who should “forgive me whatever I say”, but apparently he didn’t forgive me only for this difference in thinking …

Rather, it might seem like ” I just didn’t get angry to say anything to confirm Miyashita’s true intentions” …!

What is the action taken by the president who has shoulders with Miyashita …!
In response to Miyashita’s remark, the amazing action taken by the president who shouldered with him.

It is also a point to worry that I looked a little distressed before he touched him …!

The psychology of the president who shook Miyashita’s neck …!
And from this flow, the president is a vicious act of breaking Miyashita’s neck and breaking it.

Miyashita is a cute character in the first place, and it was impressive that the grotesque was outstanding in the development after the following cuts.

“Company … a little pain …”

From the phrase “Gusha” the darkness!

I don’t think Miyashita did anything bad enough to kill him … but this was a disappointing ending …

I wasn’t expecting Miyashita to be killed so quickly, so I’m quite surprised by Batwan.

However, after confirming the president, he may have been regrettable.

The following cuts are exactly that … Hmm. What to say!

I was also considering introducing them to the members … That was when I first cut out the story of the “Uniform Liberation Front .”

I wonder if the president would have talked about that topic in the hope that Miyashita would agree.

However, Miyashita did not respond as expected.

However, that alone kills the employees who work hard … I think it’s a bit of a blow, but what kind of feelings were swirling in the depths of that heart …!

Yotsubashi main tax (Yotsubashi Chikara) and the Liberation Army!

From this point forward, the scenario will be carried after the theme of Yotsuhashi tax and the Liberation Army will be narrowed down even further.

The last name of the president is apparently called “Yotsubashi”, and he seems to have been a child of Destro (Yotsubashi main tax) who was the leader of the Liberation Army.

The Liberation Army was once a group that had been defeated by the conflict with the government.

I want to remember that the disparate governments that suppress individuality and the disastrous destros that open individuality was expressed as if there was a big disagreement!

The above cut is an interesting scene where the Liberation Army was explained.

Miyashita seems to have positioned the Liberation Army as terrorism, but what is the reality?

There is no doubt that the Destro had a strong ” will “, so he may have looked back on the past and looked like Stain’s “hard charisma” …!

By the way, the president also has a black personal connection, which is connected to the company separately!

As a move, they seem to have a policy of dismantling the Villan Union.

The Liberation Army seems to have an idea that conflicts with the government, but I don’t like the way the villain coalition moves …

What will happen next? The premonition that the three-way battle will begin will be amazing! !

By the way, if Batwan’s sense, these guys collided with the villain alliance, I could see the future that could lead to the growth of the dead tree again! Nuo!

The first team of Bakuto and Kyokotsu begins!

This time it’s a little dark and scary development, but the last is a refreshing finish.

Nora villain, which uses the individuality of carbonic acid, and the explosives who have just taken a temporary exemption and the pyrofrost have developed!

Below, a villain that uses the character of carbonic acid feels quite good!

The villains who squirt shattered water and steal the wallet of an ordinary person.

They feel like they are aiming for robbery and theft, rather than acting as a villain union, so it’s safe to say that they are stray villains.

However, the leader of this robbery/stealing group seems to be good looking, and I have a feeling that it will be popular because of the stupidity of Nora!!

So it’s the explosion and the pyrofrost that fight against these guys … The motivation of a bomber!

The motivation of the bomber is amazing

For the villain this time, two people, a bomber and a pyrofrost, subdue.

Even though they have just taken provisional exemption, they are professional-level owners if they only fight!

It seems to have shown the terribleness of the bomber’s team play, and Jihoo sent to Endeavor like ” LINE Burning Fist” like LINE.

I think this battle will make us feel more excited about the warriors of these two!

The above cut gives us a glimpse of both the burning motivation of the bomber and the calm fighting spirit of Pyrofrost.

The poem’s attitude is a bit like villain, but since it’s a character that is close to the Yankee, it feels good to be a bomber.

In the next episode 219, I think there is a high possibility that they will be a vigorous development (rather, a bomber and a scorching fighter compete for credit), so I’m looking forward to turning around the page. That’s the point!

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