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This is 219 episodes of Hiroaka, which was really exciting this time.

The first team of Bakuto and Kotoyo was also interesting, but above that the development of the second half is too dangerous! !

With that said, I would like to give you the impressions and consideration of Batwan’s story after reading Episode 219!

Episode 219 Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Sliding Going Too Much!

In this episode 219, the main battle was against “Villanic Carbonate” that was rampaging in the last episode .

The first team of Bakugo and Kyokusho has become a very dynamic development!

In particular, the following cuts and bombers showed the same striker performance as usual! 

That’s exactly what Ikki Tousen is, the fighting ability of a bomber who wipes out mobs with a flowing movement!

The range of a single shot is narrower than that of Pyrofrost, but the advantage is that the movement is quick and the control is effective!

The following is a state of an explosive who is aggressive but the opponent is an adult …!

Despite being just after getting a provisional exemption, he is an explosive who is performing like a pro hero.

For this scene, I wanted to feel sorry for Villain carbonate …

It seems that the other party is working on its strategy, but the momentum of the bomber cannot be stopped!

Attack with a powerful gauntlet!

However, as for Vilan carbonate, it seems that it was rampant with something like a gauntlet that enhances individuality.

Is it a product of Detonellat as far as the last time? How is it?

Even so, this jet output.

I don’t think it has a strong personality, but the smashing carbonic acid turbulence is pretty cool!

So it was the freezing shot that made the final hit.

The bombers were moving to protect the ordinary people who were jumping out of the air, so here it seems that the frozen ice has covered the hole …

The timing of the chase that did not give the opponent a chance to rest was perfect!

Freezing heat wave used by pyrolysis.

As the bomber said, this is the technique I used for my opponent at the sports festival.

It’s been a while since I started using heat, and there’s an atmosphere where I’m starting to adjust.

Perhaps he will be announced in the near future as well! Looking forward to it!

About Sliding Go & All Might!

From here, let’s talk about Sliding Go & All Might.

Battle comics are a gap in Batwan, but I think the most important story is the story between battle scenes.

The battle between Bakugo and Kyokuyo was great, but this time I was really interested in the flow of the series!

Too suspicious Sliding Go!

First, let’s talk about Sliding Go.

The following cut is a scene of Sliding Go, but as the name implies, it seems to slide and appear!

Anyway, it is a unique character, the feeling of the jaw or dangerous.

The Sliding Go that appeared this time.

From the outside, he’s a really favorite character designer (at first glance level w) … but his eyes are really scary!

There’s a creepy feeling that you don’t know what you’re thinking about, maybe your eyes aren’t focused (maybe it’s that kind of character)!

And then the following cuts!

Apparently he aims for the performance of Pyrofrost & Bakuto, and is in charge of cleaning up … It feels like.

It’s impressive that you hug me, but this hero is suspicious, isn’t it?

This is the only scene of his success in episode 219.

Nevertheless, the scenario title of Episode 219 is “Sliding Go”. it is.

It ‘s hard to predict because it’s thin as a basis, but “Slidein Go is a breathtaking hero of Detonellat” ?”

I’ll delve into this later in the discussion!

The slightly lonely almite is impressive!

In the cut immediately after this, the slightly lonely appearance of the almite was impressive.

It’s an almite that struggles the first team of Bakugo and Kyokuyo and pats his head, but his feelings are complicated.

Since it has been transferred, it is unavoidable “a symbol of former peace”There are many things to think about as a .

It seems that the next generation is about to come …

The above cut is a deeply moving scene in many ways.

Almight is an adult, so I don’t say it, but I must be thinking about various things in my chest …!

Incompetent Army side!

So, the next thing I want to touch on is the Liberation Army side.

They seem to have reached Giran and washed the whereabouts of the Villan Union from there.

Or rather, the tattered parts of Giran are really serious! 

The trapped Giran will definitely begin torture …

Giran has been caught by the Liberation Army.

The following series of cuts is a very scary scene.

It has been completely redeemed for cash, and you can see that it has been done considerably before being brought in …

Guillan is certainly a broker that is connected to the Villan Union.

If this happens, it seems that there is only one future, either to die or to speak …

In addition, a word from the president of Detonellat that “it seems to be a long relationship” .

This can only be seen as a manifestation of  I will torture” …

In addition, Gillan has said the following lines …

This is completely akan.

I’m saying,  Please come back from the gold ball,” but when it comes to torture that is taken by the wrong hand …?

I think that the cutting system of that is also implied enough, and it seems that it is impossible to pull out the sole and crush it with pliers.

The next time Giran is found , it may even be “only ears” …

The world of Hiroaka is really scared because the reality building is terrible. Uh …! 

Villan Union vs Gigant Makia?

219 episodes of this time when such a lot of horror ran.

I feel like the last cut was finished with the following cuts … What kind of situation is this? (About one month ago)

Giganto Makia is crying, saying “too small” .

Mr. Compress is in my hand … right? Why are you fighting the Union of Vilan?

As far as I confirm the above cut, there are 2 patterns.

  • We are fighting against the enemy!
  • Is Gigant Makia training the villain alliance?

I think it’s about the above two points, but which one has the higher reality?

The latter seems to be more likely as far as Twice’s speech is confirmed, but uh …!

In any case, it is confirmed that Gigantomakia and the Vilan Union have come into contact with each other.

I feel that Dead Tree is getting stronger every time I meet a strong enemy, so this encounter is also likely to be his power and it is a scary place!!

In the next 220 episodes, there are too many points to worry about and I can’t sleep at night …! 

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