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My hero academia was very interesting this week.

The 220 episodes of this time are drawn from an unexpected “spinner perspective” !

Spinner has been treated as a character close to small fish so far, and I couldn’t read the spotlight coming in here. As expected, Dr. Horikoshi!

220 Episode Spoilers confirmed impressions & consideration, my villain academia! 

The entrance to episode 220 this time is from around the following cuts.

The conflict between the Villan Coalition and the “anomalous archeological group CRC” will be drawn as a cut-off point.

Even though they have individuality, they look like a cult that disdain for irregular shapes!

As for the odd-general exclusion group CRC, the information is a little thin at the moment, but since it’s Dr. Horikoshi, I think it’s probably well mixed.

I often think of these details in a book, so I think it would be a scenario to look forward to the release of Volume 23!

By the way, as Spinner says below, CRC seems to judge people only by whether they are atypical or atypical.

I agree with Spinner about the view that this cult is a “fucking group”.

I don’t know what the doctrine is, but the CRCs who categorize spinners simply because they are variants of lizards.

I’m sure they are evil groups too, but I think they had the impression that they were a rather trite organization compared to the Villan Union, Aki Saisai, and the Liberation Army!

CRC is instantly killed by the Villan Union!

And, of course, the villain union will not be defeated by such a trivial group.

Each of the following cuts seemed to destroy the enemy in a shape similar to a sword.

For Toga-chan, you can see that Mr. Compress is doing quite a bad job of defeating the enemy together!

Following the defeat of the religious group CRC, the villain union sought to find a golden eye from the cult of the cult.

There was a movement that felt “belief” from the villain coalition until a while ago , but now it seems to have fallen like a complete “robbery” …

However, now that I’ve lost all-for-one and got stuck, it may be possible for me to end up in this kind of situation …!

It may be because of this situation that this episode was drawn from a spinner perspective.

The villain coalition has a history of being attracted to the beliefs left by Stain.

I think the spinner is the type that was especially inspired by stains.

Partly because of that, his irritation seemed to be bigger than other characters!

The melancholy of death tree Kiyo and the resentment of the spinner!

On this page, I’d like to think about the behavior of dead tree and spinner with a center of gravity!

After one case of Kamino Ward, it seems that the Yuei side was mainly drawn, but I also feel that death pattern trees have various problems with dead pattern trees ~!

It seems that the direction has tended to be lost especia

Thought of the dead tree that lost the black fog!

First of all, from the feeling of the dead tree that lost the black fog.

Black fog is the oldest member of the Vilan Union and a core figure in the core.

Losing him is nothing but a pain …

From a dead tree, it looks like you have lost both the “precious warp gate” and the “consultant”!

The Villan Union seemed to want to get in touch with the “doctor” , but it seems that the clue has been lost.

It seems that we have fallen into a situation where this situation overlaps with each other, causing a deadlock.

From the perspective of Dead Tree, you might want to take some action, but you can’t find a guide for what to do.

Nevertheless, I have to eat every day, so I have no choice but to commit robbery.

I think 220 episodes was an episode that strongly felt such elements!

By the way, the point that the villain’s coalition attacked is “not a general person” is a point of interest.

There may be a policy such as  Do not hesitate to robbery from the general public”.

Spinner’s stress explodes!

The following is a spinner yearning for stains.

He has a history of being despised and alive, and he was impressed by the presence of Stain.

Stain may have been the hero for the spinners who were stupid and lived!

He is working together with the Villan Coalition because it is the organization to which Stein belonged, but he seems to have run out of sight after seeing a lot of the recent Coalition.

Toga-chan, Twice, and Mr. Compress have a feeling of calmness, and I wonder if there is a temperature difference with the spinner!

Compared to the members around me, Spinner is the only person. It seemed like I was pretty impatient.

The above is a spinner that looks pretty impatient.

Grabbing the chest of the dead tree and yelling at it, it seemed as if he was “finding the answer that he couldn’t answer”.

Encounter with Gigantomakia!

In the final stage of the work, an encounter event with Gigantomakia, the loyal servant of All For One.

It seems that he was the one who Kurogiri guided and guided himself.

Let’s focus on what this encounter will bring to the Villan Union!

Gigantomakia and Death Tree meet!

Gigantomakia finally met Dead Tree.

There is little information on him other than “having a huge body” .

But anyway, as you can see from episode 220, it’s definitely a strong character!

This time, to bring Gigantomakia along, we have to catch the black fog.

The power of Gigantomachia, which Kurogiri protected himself, and even protected …

By the way, considering that Stein and All-For-One have been succeeded and even the black fog has been captured , I think it is highly likely that the villain alliance will aim to “attack Tartarus ~ their release” !

A state of a dead tree that regards Gigantomakia as power.

I think it felt like I was stuck with the spinner, but I feel like the situation could be overcome!

After all, it is reasonable to think that Gigantomakia will continue to strengthen the villain alliance by inheriting this trend!

I can see the contact with the doctor!

The one like the radio that was worn around Giganto Makia’s neck.

Apparently, the doctor’s message to the dead tree was recorded here.

As far as I can see, I think this is a one-way communication from the doctor, so it seems that the villain association will have to arrive at its existence by analogizing the content to be told after this!

After confirming the spinner’s narrative tone, it seems that the movement of the villain coalition will heat up more and more.

At the moment, it seemed that even if the coalition was bundled, it would not reach Gigantomakia, but what will happen from now on?

It’s also an all-for-one servant, and the connection that Kurogiri bets himself on.

If you can convince Gigantomakia firmly and attach it to your allies, the villain alliance will surely be able to power up.

The future villain alliance … I want to follow the development afterward, paying particular attention to dead tree trees!!

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