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My hero academia was in great shape again this time.

In 221 episodes, the appearance of the doctor is finally revealed.

He was a mad-scientist-style man who looked exactly like Dr. Agatha of Detective Conan!

The sense is already great! !

Episode 221: Spoiler Confirmation and Discussion, Contact with Doctor! 

The entrance to Episode 221 is from the following cut.

First of all, it seems that Giganto Makia’s rampage has become the entrance!

He says he has extraordinary endurance and adapts to possession of pluralities without modification!

As expected, it’s like an AFO sword!

Gigant Makia proved to have considerable loyalty in the all-for-one mind.

In the following cuts, I was so nostalgic that I started to thrill just by playing the AFO voice.

There must be special circumstances regarding Giganto Makia, such as the fact that he is very much in favor of the AFO!

The power of Gigantomakia is still a mystery, but as far as I can see, it’s quite a power type.

Dead tree also said something like  I’m minced when it’s still there,” so I think his ability is considerable.

About Dr.’s advice and Dead Tree’s reaction!

The following cuts I would like to touch next.

Dead tree was saying “I don’t need this , ” to the rugged Gigantomakia .

It should have been that way, and Gigantomakia’s rampage was considerable, and it’s no wonder that Dead Tree is so.

But I’m not in a situation where you can choose that, Dead Tree. The following cuts are very interesting!

I lost the black fog that was taking care of the dead tree.

The villain coalition led by the dead tree can be seen as being relatively cornered.

Dead tree should be able to recover the situation as soon as possible, and in order to do so, it would be necessary to handle human resources such as Gigantomakia, which is a difficult piece to handle.

Qualities as a general of Dead Tree are questioned!

Then, from here, he will lead you to a place like a research institute (?) …!

A group of allies who are called to war because they are of the same quality as the warp used in the case of Jinno.

I was forced to take a liquid like a black drip from my mouth and take him to the laboratory as if wrapped in the liquid!

Is this the doctor’s personality, or is it inventive … it’s really interesting!

A doctor standing in the darkness!

From here on, it will be like touching on the doctor’s laboratory.

First, let’s check from the following cuts!

It’s hard to see your face due to backlight, but the atmosphere emphasizes mysteriousness and mad-scientist character!

As I mentioned at the beginning, this doctor looks like Dr. Agatha of Detective Conan.

He was the person who had been making mindlessness until now!

I feel that the human relationship of AFO, which has been shrouded in mystery, is gradually becoming clear!

Also scary is the above cut.

Countless brains, brains and brains prepared in capsules! !

At first glance, it feels like 6 × 2 = 12 bodyless brains are stored here!

If all 12 brainless are high-end …? !

Also, scaryly, these doctors say that these brains are high-end!

“Masterpiece”I don’t know what means, but at least Koitsura’s high end is far above the brainlessness of the past.

If you had the same ability as the individual who hunted down Endeavor, it would be pretty dangerous!

If all of the above 12 were high end.

I think it’s clear that if you release them at the same time, a horrific tragedy will occur.

Previously, I finally defeated one with a pair of Endeavor and Hawks.

There should be no tag comparable to these two, so I might have to thank you for not releasing the high end right now …

Then, the next cut I would like to check is the following cut, but here there are two “meaningful elements”!

First of all, let ‘s talk about “Deleting bullets” of Dead Tree .

This is probably a personality destruction bullet that was obtained in a conflict with Ai Hatsusai. I think this is certain.

On the other hand, the phrase “How are your dads doing well?” Is dangerous!

It used to be said that Death Tree had called “hand” as “dad” , but this word is being touched lightly on the truth.

I’m curious about the expression  father ” of my father, and what does the doctor know! concern! !

As for the exchanges around here, the scenario will change greatly depending on how Dead Tree responds!

The dead tree asked by the doctor!

Then, at the end, the doctor drew a tree with a dead pattern that will ask the future.

As Dr. says, the current dead tree is certainly a “trash of a society where nothing has been done yet” .

Although the doctor seems to be willing to cooperate with the dead tree, it does not seem to be unconditionally strong (like a black fog).

Now, what’s the correct answer for Dead Tree?

I feel that the dead tree so far has moved based on the urge to “break things that I don’t like.”

But from now on, it shouldn’t be enough.

If we want to expand the coalition and take on the “successor of the AFO” as charisma for many people , the dead tree must have the power to agitate (lead and incite) people.

It can’t be said that the ability to draw the vision of the future is indispensable because it cannot reach the AFO by force!

Spinners are also paying attention!

By the way, it seems that spinners are paying close attention to the interaction between these two people.

For him, who was attracted to Stein’s ideas, his question must have been a proxy for his feelings!

Depending on the response from Dead Tree, Spinner (maybe Carappo) may become a more faithful piece!

The villain union, which had been overwhelmed.

In the fully open of the last, there is also meeting the doctor “is the future story continue to accelerate,” because I have been told the contents such as, death pattern tree is surely his Nari “correct answer” must issue.

If we take a step deeper into the discussion here, what kind of answer will Dead Tree give out?

Currently, it seems that the Liberation Army (including President Detonellat) is aiming for the villain alliance, but I want the dead tree to have a strong charisma that even puts them under the umbrella!!

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