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Continuing from the full opening, this is the story of MHA Chapter 222, which drew about this dead tree.

I couldn’t believe my eyes due to the impact of the door painting, and I think it was a wonderful episode packed with content.

Therefore, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Episode 222 of My Hero Academia!

Episode 222 Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration, the distortion of the dead tree is exposed!

There are a lot of things to touch, but of these 222 episodes I have to mention door paintings!

“Midori ~ Ya, Izuku ~ ♪” and this amazing door painting w was put on the Mothra style BGM

Deku’s true face is completely laughing!

The meaning can be understood by looking at the door painting after reading this 222 episodes, but I think that this door painting shows that the content of this time is heavy.

At first , I accepted it as “What is this?” , But after reading the contents, I was satisfied …!

The childhood of Death Katsuki is drawn!

Then, in this 222 episode, the childhood of Death Pattern Kiyo is drawn!

It was revealed the encounter with All For One, and what kind of path the Dead Tree has taken since then.

No, anyway. I think his past was quite awful …!

The above cut is an AFO that touches a dead tree, but now it feels like “Hmm …” .

It should have looked like a savior to a young death tree, but I think it seems that the all-for-one wickedness was a more prominent episode.

A master of sorrow, who brainwashes the other person with justice and evil. It would have been easy to determine the humanity of a dead tree.

And I could not choose the dead tree, but I decided to walk the way that I could not turn back.

The dead tree that killed his family …!

The past of dead tree that became clear this time.

Apparently he was a “mutant” and had a personality that no one knew, and he had abandoned his family.

The most familiar family hands … This is a depiction of Kitz.

Also, the expression “mutant species” is of concern.

Is there any other characteristic of dead tree besides “collapse” ?

I will explore this area further in this week’s consideration.

In any case, the despair that the dead tree has tasted must have been immeasurable …

That makes me feel like I’m sick, and I want to make my neck crunchy …

As far as I can confirm the sequence from the above cut, Dead Tree should have loved my family.

I can’t really grasp the nature of that affection in this flashback, but I’m sure this is true.

I think it’s impossible to distort if you’ve had a dead tree experience in your childhood

Dead tree response to the doctor’s question!

From here on, I would like to confirm the reaction of dead tree to the doctor’s question.

Dead tree seems to have derived a clear answer very much like a dead tree.

Furthermore, there was something like “hope” in his eyes !

Look at the dead tree trying to destroy everything!

Regarding the remarks made by Dead Tree this time, the following cuts were very impressive.

It seems that the dead tree in this scene is staring at the void, but somewhere in his eyes there is something like hope.

I think that the phrase “Once, all” of the dead tree was a phrase that somehow imagined “destruction before imagination”.

In the past, the movement of a dead tree was a mere urge to destroy.

However, when confirming the dead tree this time, it is not just the urge to destroy, “the other side” I got the impression that also the image of .

The “horizontally beautiful horizon” mentioned in the following cuts may mean that way …!!

A society built on the special ability of individuality.

The “horizon” that would have been used in the sense of turning it into a Sarah land …The word that .

What kind of future is the dead tree trying to create once it has completely destroyed this society?

Think about the doctor’s reaction!

In the second half, I would like to share my thoughts on the doctor’s reaction to the words of such a dead tree.

As far as I can see from this, it seems that Doctor liked the words of Dead Tree quite well.

Except that they are villains, the statements above are fairly correct.

“A person who practices pranks” is, in a sense, a “dream chaser” , a word that includes an element like a .”

I don’t think it’s good that the method depends on crime, but the “crime” considering that it is society that creates the concept of .”

Doctors are absolutely “forbidden experiments” feel like they are mad scientists confronting but there may be something in common with the dead tree.

About Zodiac’s reaction!

The next thing I want to check is the following:

As for him, it’s more like he’s crazy about pulling Hawks into his company.

Up until now, there was a part where I couldn’t measure what I was thinking, but it seems that Jihai is starting to believe in Hawks, right?

Then, it seems that the doctor also liked Koji.

It was at this point that I put him in the high end, and I think it would lead us to an episode about Endeavor and the Hawks a while ago …

It was because of this background that Koji was the key person during the high-end attack!

It has been so since the point of the previous story, but the doctor seems to have a good impression on Tadaaki.

From now on, Dr. Tadaaki says “That’s how” will continue to receive !

It’s not enough to call it a “vice leader,” but Jai Bi certainly seems to be talented, so expectations for future growth will increase!

Gigant Makia vs. Villan Union outbreak!

So, from here, the battle between Gigant Makia vs. Villan is in full swing.

Gigantomakia is a masterpiece that can withstand multiple uniqueness by itself, and attention will be paid to how dead tree trees counteract!

By the way, the “collapse” of the dead tree is so strong that it cannot be used as a detour for the valuable force Gigantomakia.

I’m wondering if I’m going to choose whether or not to use individuality around here!

In addition, it is impressive that the “King’s Awareness” awoke in the dead tree below near the last time .

From the viewpoint of Gigantomakia, the king is “a person who is in awe , who is wanted, and who is strong” .

Faced with this definition, it seems that the focus will be on how Dead Tree convinces him!

The past is too hot for the dead tree that was revealed in episode 222.

But in order to make people stronger, this kind of despair can work great.

The greater the despair that I tasted, the more likely it is that the vessel as a villain will also grow.

In the next episode 223, there is no doubt that the battle between Villan vs. Gigantomakia will get even hotter! !

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