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Monday came well again this week!

So, this time, I would like to show Batowan’s impressions and consideration based on 223 Hiroaka’s released episode!

Anyway, in 223 episodes, “The declaration of war from the Liberation Army” had the greatest impact!

Episode 223 Confirmed Spoilers Impressions & Discussions, Conflict Starts with Li Destro!

Last time, there was excitement about the existence of Ujiko Doctor and the last two times.

Finally, this time, Death Tree returned to Gigantomachia and was entangled in a training-like episode to bring him down.

Anyway, Gigantomakia, I know that this guy’s toughness is ridiculous!

Above is a picture of a dead tree that confronts Gigantomakia.

Gigantomakia says “every 48 hours and 44 minutes, I will continue to attack without rest” .

After that, if he sleeps for 3 hours, he will attack again.

During the battle, it became bigger and the ears and nose worked well, so you might have the impression that it’s a bit similar to the character and beast of Shitajujuuta (upper compatibility?)!

Moreover, it seems that this life has continued for about a month and a half.

Dead trees are dead trees too and often follow this fight without sleep (almost)! 

Minimal support from the doctor!

Also, it seems that there was “minimum support” from the doctor .

Probably the usage differs depending on the character, but at least Toga-chan seemed to have bought a duffle coat below.

Well, when it’s cold, my movements and thoughts hit me, and I don’t think it’s a bad buy …?

However, looking at this situation, the impression that the spinner seems to be a little dissatisfied.

Somehow he just feels very “stiff” in the villain coalition .

Such an atmosphere as if you are binding yourself.

Toga-chan, on the other hand, was quite free and felt like he was “a girl” despite being distorted!

To be honest, the above cut feels like “crazy” … but at the same time, I think it shows her unbridled spirit.

Spinner moving with a sense of mission, and Toga who moves by “like” at that time .

If you look at it this way, they may have a symmetric aspect!

Contact from the Incompetent Army!

Now let’s talk about the contacts made by the Liberation Army.

I was contacted by Jin Kawahara and smartphone of Twice.

It was a call from Ritsuya Yotsubashi, the president of Detranet.

Twice to receive a call!

The following is Twice receiving a call from Yotsubashi.

It’s still split, but that’s what he can’t hate!

According to Yotsuhashi , it seems that she has done something to her broker Yoshie .

I didn’t think it would be safe because I was caught tightly last time …

It was the psychopathic action of the Liberation Army that was told to the Vilan Union here.

In front of the death residence Hachisai Ai’s mansion, in front of the Hosu City terminal, at the Chuo Expressway where the convoy car attack occurred, at ground zero in Jinno-ku, in the center of Fukuoka.

“Spread your fingers” to each of these seemed to be provoking the alliance ways by .”

However, because there was a dialogue  Return from Kintama!” During the last exchange between the Liberation Army and Yoshinobu, there was a possibility that it would be provoked by using an egg or something rather than a finger. But also.

I wonder if there was a part of Batwan that he felt was “still good with his fingers.”

You might find this a pretty ugly and hobbyist way!

Plenty of small items by Rikiya Yotsubashi!

Next, let’s touch on the actual conversation between Yotsubashi and Dead Tree.

Personally, Ritsuya Yotsubashi might feel like a pretty small item!

Being a mentally small item is not always proportional to your combat strength, but he’s a man I just don’t like!

Yotsubashi, who calls himself “The Commander-in-Chief of the Liberation Army Li Destro” , contacts the dead tree.

For now he is a man who feels an atmosphere like “To fulfill the will of the destro …” .

It seems that the aim is to open up incompetence and create a world in which people can fully demonstrate their abilities as if they were human, but they may have the impression that they don’t know what they are thinking in a bad sense . (See below)

In any case, his hands caused a terrible affair in Ehime, which was told to the Union of Vilan.

First of all, I would like to keep that one point in mind.

By the way, it seems that Yoshie didn’t give a moaninge, let alone information, even if his finger was scraped.

It’s true that I think it was a hard decision because I think that if you leak information, you will only be killed , but that is still a great thing.

A professional soul that a human who is hungry and lives in the darkness can have …

Rikiya Yotsubashi’s bizarre behavior!

From here onward, the strange behavior of Rikiya Yotsubashi became noticeable.

I think there were many parts of Batwan that felt “spiritual blurring” !

I think his declaration of war is psychologically perverted!

Rikiya Yotsubashi’s bizarre behavior!

In considering his strange points, I would like to check the following cuts first.

He looks great from the top and feels like mounting a dead tree.

However, this is psychologically quite contradictory.

If you really think Yotsuhashi and the other Liberation Army are superior, you should be able to easily overtake them later without even declaring war on the Villan Union.

But he could not ignore the Vilan Union.

I think this was a psychological manifestation of one’s own lack of feeling, “I want to take the attitude of looking down on the villain alliance, and want to feel reassured that I’m better” by actually driving the ruin. “ !

In fact, it is said that 116,516 open warriors are hiding, but if that is the case, then there should be no need for any additional assistance from the Villan Union!

So I think it was shown that at least Yotsubashi was unconsciously “looking up at the Villan Union” in this case .

That’s why I wanted to look down and confirm my superiority.

I wonder if this is the reason why Yotsubashi felt like a small item !

If Batwan is on Yotsubashi, the villain alliance 

The spinner also feels out of place …!

Also, in episode 223 this time, you may feel that the spinner is a little out of place.

The following cuts are exactly the same, but I feel completely absorbed.

The pokan atmosphere gives the impression that “a man who has been mixed into a bad group and can’t be a bad guy”!

Spinner seems to have had a tough past with Spinner, but what about him?

Rikiya Yotsubashi looks like a small item, but the spinner is underneath.

Is it going to get stronger from now on, or in this battle … I’m worried about his future! !

Then, the last finish is the following happy Rikiya Yotsubashi!

President Yotsubashi looks very happy to be able to talk to the Villan Union from above.

On the other hand , Shiretashiki has an atmosphere that is almost as if you were an experimental bench .

President Yotsubashi seems to be a little floating and standing up, and he shouldn’t be completely eaten when he’s left …

If it dares to say the wonders of the Villan Coalition, at best it would be “military strength” .

Well, anyway, it feels like a war has been declared in 223 episodes.

I feel like a full-scale battle is about to begin, so I’d like to look forward to the story flow leading up to that! !

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