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As always, Hiroaka’s story never disappoints!

I think it was good that the 225 episodes heated up the battle even more.

The two people, Yotsubashi and Kitsuki, were spotlighted!

Below, I would like to show the impressions and considerations of this story!

Episode 225 Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration, Curious attack report! 

Hiroaka World has a strong relationship of trust with its readers, with the feeling that “everything I’ve never seen” will be shown every time .

I think that this episode 225 was also a wonderful development that made me feel that “Hiroaka is different” .

First, let’s talk about Rikiya Yotsubashi, who I thought was a small item all the time!

It was good that Mr. Horikoshi’s specialty, hard boiled, came out here!

“Antalaha two mistakes were Tsu” and for righteousness爛to tell “why 3 Tsude that do not put out the brain-free, one more than you” Yotsubashi Chikara return with.

Do not take provocation of the opponent at all and calmly and coolly. Moreover, it’s cool that I return with humor!

I don’t like Yotsuhashi main tax, but I have to say that it felt pretty good if I limited it to this scene!

Then he says, “Unusable alliances are only one circle.

The above-mentioned cut Yotsubashi also feels like a “master / blackout” and has a good boss-like effect.

To be more specific, however, I am wary of the existence of brainlessness, and it seems unlikely that Gigantomachia will be following the dead tree.

With this in mind, I felt that the above cut would be a stepping stone for his “surprise look”!

Kitsuki vs Togimihiko outbreak!

Also, after the middle of the work, Onizuki vs. Toga Himiko’s red color will break out.

Kitsuki said , “I refused to cover the interviews in the first year .”

Oh yeah, the interviewer is like that, I see!

This value has never been seen before in Batwan, and I felt very novel. And at the same time, I felt fear!

Until now, Batwan has a good understanding of what kind of sentiment a reporter asking an irrelevant question in an interview on TV or a person asking a question that seems to be very harassment (such as a storm interview). There wasn’t.

But there is something clear about this issue.

Perhaps the veteran or seasoned reporter / interviewer is “like Masaki.” surely.

Itamae runs a kitchen knife without hesitation when handling fish.

Isn’t that the subject of coverage for reporters and interviewers? It was one act that made me feel!

The following is Toga Himiko, who rebels against it!

Toga Himiko who does not respond to Katsuki’s interview and refuses to sign.

This technology is the same as the one used by transforming into Chemie during the provisional exemption test!

The details of this technique may be revealed soon, so I’m looking forward to it!

Kitsuki vs Toga battle, heat up!

In the second half, let’s delve further into the battle between Kitsuki and Toga.

The release code has been confirmed here, which is the name of Kitsuki’s villain!

Her code name is “Curious” , and it seems to have been called that way in the execution of the operation.

It has the character of a “mine” and can change what it touches into a detonator!

Clios, the owner of the Beautiful Liberation Army, is the only one of the Liberation Army.

“Mine”, which is a personality, is extremely troublesome because it can explode various things.

Moreover, it seems that the villain’s coalition is an enemy land and that measures are being taken firmly.

Curios is hunting down Toga-chan’s movements and turns to prevent water leaks.

As far as I can see, Toga-chan’s personality would have been revealed in advance, but I used it in reverse and received the feeling of being ahead of the curve.

It seems that you are taking proper measures not only for brainlessness but also for each individuality!

In other words, it’s a good idea to think that each of the other people (as well as the dead tree, Zodiac, Twice, etc.) has a distinct personality.

Choosing words that are still excellent!

Then, from here, the interview of Curios was established without permission.

Following “I own is killed, not willing even to become a detonator and cornered you guys in a different capacity, these were now of the situation, it seems How about!?” That, this statement! !

No, indeed, Dr. Horikoshi. You always produce a feeling you have never seen before! You can be nervous! 

Curios is an approach that has never been seen in battle manga.

This kind of expression is a strength of Professor Horikoshi, and it’s a sense of trust and stability!

Toga-chan’s madness that finally responded to her question was also wonderful!

I think that insanity is often “not aware of the person” .

If I knew it, it was “normal” and “a normal man disguised as madness” .

And, as for Toga-chan, he is the type that is crazy.

What I mean is that, in her case , I feel that “what I think is normal is in a state of madness in the world . 

This is the true madness … I think!

There is no waste in each of the selected words, and it is a compelling exchange of wonderful expressions.

It seems like this 225 episode was one episode that makes you feel such a part strongly!

And in the next 226 episode, Toga’s counterattack should start. The exciting engine is full throttle for next week! (Mystery)

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