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Continuing from the last time, Toga-chan vs. Kitsuki’s battle was spread in 226 episodes.

Below, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batowan after reading this time.

In Episode 226, Toga-chan is supposed to be drawn because of his current personality (though it is just an interpretation of Kitsuki)!

Episode 226 Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Toga-chan’s Reality!

First of all, I would like to touch the following cuts.

She said that she had a straw on the wound of a boy named Saito and she was bleeding blood.

At that time, according to a third party, it seemed like an “ecstatic expression” or something very horrifying!

The above cut was a very horror scene, and I think the Toga-chan-like atmosphere was often present.

Looking at this much, it feels like a girl full of madness.

The same applies to the following expressions. I feel crazy here … tears?

Toga-chan is obviously not an ordinary person, so it is certainly classified as a dangerous person.

However, she apparently was “interested in blood and sucking”, as Kizuki interprets. .

There must be some reason for crying.

And I couldn’t talk about it this time, so I feel the depth here!

“I want to be my partner” in the pastI’ve said , maybe there is an answer here!

Did you want to be like a bird because you sucked the blood of a bird during the film? I wonder …

Katsuki’s behavior that makes you feel like an understander!

Also, the behavior of Katsuki after the following cuts is quite interesting.

There’s no doubt that she’s been doing a lot of research on her own.

And “I understand.” it has an atmosphere like

This is the behavior that everyone in the Villan Union would hate.

If you don’t understand anything, “I understand.” n’t think it’s unpleasant enough act like

Even in love, “I understand you the most!”I’ve heard stories like dislike men who say,

In addition, it seems that Toga-chan interprets it as “ covering himself” because of this “unforgivable combination”, which Kitsuki says.

But anyway, I would like to observe that all these interpretations are only due to Kitsuki Otsuki.

Actually, what Toga thought was another story.

To Batwan, did Toga-chan look like “I just did what I love for a long time” !

For Kitsuki, this is “unfortunate JK.” was reflected in …

Kitsuki Oki and Toga Infant!

In the second half, I would like to talk more specifically about the interaction between Kitsuki Otsuki and Watago Infant!

First of all, cut below. Kitsuki seemed to take the life of Toga, who was tattered , and then sublimate into the “modern scripture .”

What is the modern scripture?

An individual society creates a lot of mentally handicapped people, and Toga-chan is an extreme example of that.

ah I see! That means …!

This tragic Ohanashi about Toga was basically told from the viewpoint of Katsuki.

Maybe she doesn’t care if Toga-chan actually thinks “I am lame” or not.

Truth doesn’t have to be that precise, but it’s good if you can draw conclusions in your own direction, with dramatic nuances.

That might be the feeling for her!

So, it seems like Toga didn’t really think that it was unfortunate!

Himiko Toga who retires in the form of Ochako.

The reason why I transformed into Ochako here is something I’m worried about, but it may have been used as one of the means to escape successfully.

This was a mysterious transformation, so I’d like to keep it in my memory!

Toga is pretty powerful!

So, at this last time, Toga is quite strong.

Up until now, you have only transformed and changed your appearance, but this time you can use your personality!

This is a pretty powerful evolution!

Maybe each member will evolve one step in this Battle of Coalition vs. Liberation Army!

With this, Toga can be said to have acquired the ability of “transformation + copy” substantially, although there is a condition that “ it needs blood  .

Although it is more difficult to activate than Neito Monoto, it has the advantage of changing the appearance!

Basically, she’s a support type, so it seems like she’s getting stronger at once!

At this last event, Kitsuki Otsuki was knocked down from the air to the ground to win!

It’s a bit difficult to understand with the above cut, but since it was said that “I should have killed it, but it can not be helped”, Kitsuki will have lost his life with this …!

In any case, the battle of Toga vs. Kitsuki was completely settled in this case.

Next time, who will be the dead tree, Twice, Mr Compress and Spinner?

Personally, I would like to look forward to Mr. Compress and spinner, which have few appearances!

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