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My hero academia, a big pillar supporting the current jump.

Below, I would like to share the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Episode 228!

This time, it seems that the development was focused on Zodiac & Twice!

Episode 228 Spoilers Confirmation & Consideration, Battle with School Refusal!

Hiroaka with a nice feeling about the story of the Villan Union.

In this episode 228, both sides of the ghostly battle scene of Tadaaki and the spiritual story of TWICE will be drawn.

First, let’s talk about the battle between Tadaaki and Iceman (provisional)!

This guy somehow creates an Eskimo-like atmosphere.

I don’t think it’s a battle where Tadaaki loses, but he seems to be an expert.

Below, he seems to have gone to school and trained his talents forever!

I wonder if this is unfortunate!

Looking at the cuts above, the scale of ice he manipulates is quite large.

Among the characters that have appeared so far, it is a category that exerts influence over a fairly wide range, and it seems that it has reached a level where it is possible to compete equally with Inarashi Inasa or that level as a scale.

I can’t say the manipulated ice cubes, but it looks like a dragon-like shape somehow!

The reaction of Tadaaki is excellent!

For such a non-attendance villain, the reaction of Zodiac is excellent!

It seems that the villain himself does not realize that he is a “poor life,” but that seems to be the case to him.

No, maybe Jizo feels “unhappy not being aware of unhappiness” ?

I think it’s interesting that this area is casual and the psychological elements are also drawn!

Then, against such a school refusal villain, Jihei was wiped out by a large-scale explosion!

A large-scale explosion that is reminiscent of the large ice wall of pyrofrost.

Now, I wonder if this is the final decision?

If it’s settled with this, I’ll be scared, but if that’s the case, the route through which 荼毘 grows may be closed.

Considering that Toga-chan and Death Pattern Tree have been powered up, I don’t feel like I want to be strengthened by one rank!

In any case, the outcome of this battle is likely to be carried over next time!

The turn when Twice is hunted down!

In the first half, the fighting ability of Tadaaki was drawn, whereas in the second half, the scene where Twice was cornered was drawn.

It was a terrible feeling because it was Twice who is not good at direct combat …!

First, from where Twice discovers the damaged Toga.

Twice discovers a damaged Toga.

The relationship between Toga-chan and Twice was just a good relationship that could not be called a romance, so the above scene is quite shocking.

The more you hold Toga-chan’s favor in a twice manner, the more cruel this scene appears!

Twice means that if you wear a mask, your spirit will not be perverted if you wear one .

However, the above cut is very confusing, and I forget that I am wearing a mask on the shock in front of me, and it seems that the effect has faded.

As was the case with Unleashed, Volume 13, Episode 115, the comfort of having more than one of you in yourself must be the worst! 

About the personality and doll (Hitogata) of Kinpoku Tomoho (Skeptic)!

In the latter half of Twice’s turn, the personality and doll (Hitogata) of the close friend Tomoho (Skeptic) will be drawn.

I think that the following are dolls created by relatives, but it is not so good because the motif is Minami Kawahara Hitoshi, the content of Twice!

It’s also a scene where it turns out he’s been thoroughly researching into the Villan Union!

A man who once duplicated himself and was about to be killed by himself because of his “twice” personality.

It can be said that pressing  twisted men  against Twice is like digging into the nightmare of the time.

Conversely, if it is hostile, it can be said that it is an effective attack.

A close relative’s ability to control dolls from a distance … Awesome!

For the time being, the doll is a close-knit personality that looks pretty powerful.

It’s unclear how much of the myriad replicated dolls have the ability to fight, but at least it can be said to be effective in hunting down the spirit of Twice.

Also, with this personality, it seems that it will be effective for confusion and rocking in many situations.

It seems that the relatives themselves don’t want to be on the front line, and given these points, the battle between twice seems to be getting tougher! !

This is where the next 229 episodes will get attention!

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