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This is episode 231 of Hiroaka, which was in great shape this week.

Currently, since One Piece is a series of linear developments, I think that it is the blade of Hiroaka and Demon that provides that logical fun.

What I think is amazing around here is that one of the best pieces of One Piece is becoming a “three pillars” !

I think Oda-sensei feels like he’s jumping, but I think it’s a big support that Horikoshi-sensei and Go-Toge-sensei draw interesting scenarios. You might feel!

Episode 231: Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Shadow of the Hawks, Dark Revolution!! 

Episode 232 starts from restarting Gigantomakia.

It seems that Gigantomakia, who had been sleeping for a while, finally started to move and started to establish a villain alliance.

Right now I’m just waking up and that’s it, but when he arrives on the battlefield it’s time to move on!

Also, in episode 231 I think that the flow of Hawks being involved in the scenario was suggested.

After the following cuts, the movement of Hawks will be spotlighted!

He’s a spy sent by the hero to the Villan Union, but I’m scared of the coldness to win trust!

The first suggestion this time was “The disappearance of the best jeanist.” about .

He is a hero who is extremely popular and talented, and is one of the few people who can feel secure just because he exists.

I think that he’s disappeared can cause a lot of upset in people’s hearts!

The movement of Hawks is cold and scary!

The next thing I want to check is the movement of the Hawks.

Looking at episode 231 this time, the movement of Hawks was really cold and horrifying.

The following cut is a scene when I’m interacting with Tadaaki, but it really acts like Clever!

The Hawks’ brain is probably one of the most prominent in the world of Hiroaka.

I think I would be in a standing position like Trafalgar Law in one piece, but the behavior was really bold and invincible.

The following cuts were terrifying in this episode.

What does this one word mean to the Genist who is aiming to return? Excitement!

In recent jumps, the number of works that express such implications tends to decrease, but Hiroaka feels that he / she is firmly holding on to his beliefs.

I can’t help but worry about the end point of Hawks’ disturbing word!

This word (whatever it really means ) is “when villain tries to do wrong” really feels like .

Is the Hawks directly involved in the disappearance of the Genist?

If so, the most natural thing is that “Hawks confined the Genist and handed it over to the Villan Union”.

No, it’s finally a villain if you do that … I want to believe that I am doing well because I am talking about the Hawks!

About the movement of Takubi and Twice!

In the latter half, spotlight was applied to the movements of Tadasu and Twice, which had been attracting attention.

First of all, I would like to check below.

With regards to Zodiac, it seems that they are continuing a fierce one-on-one battle with the usual school refusal villain!

Non-attendance villain seems to be quite powerful among the Liberation Army characters that have appeared so far, so the end of this battle is worrisome!

The next thing I want to check is the twice below.

TWICE feels like it’s completely blown away, and the controls are perfect!

The two elements of the Liberation Army’s “common enemy” and the  Villan Union ” “friends to protect” have been clarified, and his spirit is rather stable!

Until now, Twice has been a non-combatant supporter, but after awakening, I feel that it will soon function as a powerful “army .”

Like Toga who has a transformational personality, the support role of the Villan Union is getting stronger and stronger!

I would like to expect the success of Twice in the future!

Encounter with flower garden & Yotsubashi!

And at this last event, we finally have an encounter event with Hanabata and Yotsubashi!

Both of them are occultic characters or have a religious atmosphere!

Which one do you personally feel like the following flower fields are dangerous?

Although Hanabata has established a position as a politician, he has a more delusional atmosphere than President Yotsuhashi.

The above speech was full of atmosphere as if we were trying to guide the “lost lamb.”

Then, in the last, Twice (one of them) arrived at Yotsubashi and finished!

Yotsuhashi, a guru who bundles up the troublesome organization called the Liberation Army.

It feels like the battle between him and Twice is about to begin!

The individuality of Yotsubashi hasn’t come to the forefront so far, but do you personally have a feeling that it’s a “power system” ?

What kind of results will these two encounters have in future development? I would like to look forward to the next 232 episodes!

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Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 230

Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 232

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