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HIROAKA is in great shape after receiving the news of the opening of the 4th season!

This time the battle with the Liberation Army has become even more intense!

Below, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batwan as I read Episode 233!

Episode 233: Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration, Kuro-chan’s villain appeared!

My hero academia, which continues to be in great shape.

The awakening of Twice has had a great influence on the war situation, and it seems that the formation of the villain coalition is leaning at once!

Let’s start with the cut below!

Several twice working to secure Toga’s safety.

That’s why Toga wasn’t one of the members I added last time!

And this guy is trying to get rid of this.

This is also the person in charge of the “strength” and feels like he has an abnormal mentality in a sense different from Twice!

The battle between relatives who can increase the number of soldiers and twice that can increase themselves is imminent.

About these two people, it seems to be a force vs. a force, and it is expected that a considerable group battle/melee battle is expected.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this conflict will evolve in the next 234 episodes!

The individuality of the flower garden turned out to be “incitement”!
In the middle stage, a battle scene of a flower garden will be drawn.

This is a collision with a spinner …

Since Spinner was the character that seems to be the smallest item in the alliance, expectations for future evolution will increase!

The open code is a trumpet, so it feels like someone who plays a trumpet that guides people. Hameln’s Fuefuki man.

His ability is “stirring” and has the power to boost and boost those who forgive him!

It’s pretty powerful, isn’t it like a version of Labraba’s personality “love”?

The people of Mudhana City, whose consciousness is leaning toward the rampage of their incompetence.

It can be said that the flower garden has the very good ability as a buff that can further strengthen them!

It seems to be a different type of wonder from the Twyth Corps, whose durability decreases as the number increases!

Kuro-chan appears in the Liberation Army?!

Horikoshi’s playful spirit exploded in the middle of the work.

It can be said that the point where Kuro-chan appeared in the Liberation Army is an interesting point!

This Kuro-chan is a so-called mob-friendly character, but the spinner was damaged enough! strong!

Mr. Horikoshi is a writer who is good at serious development, but it is perfect as it incorporates such gag expression!

An interesting feeling is produced by weaving the gag in the battle scene that was killed!

However, I think that the spinner’s barking was pretty cool here.

A spinner who has nothing, a so-called ” have-not- have”.

He may be able to see the world because he knows that he is not the person who can do something.

Certainly though I do it is a small, necessarily “small = bad” not necessarily.

From the spirit of the spinner, there may have been a part of that nuance!

Re Destro’s personality turned out to be stressful!

Also, in the final stage of the scenario, the battle between Death Tree and Destro will be intensified.

Below, as usual, the wording that seems to be entwined with a dead tree looks like a villain and is cool!

It looks like a dead tree that is trying to do its best in a lack of sleep.

Then, at the last time, it was revealed that the character of Re-destro was “stress”.

This personality allows you to store stress and turn it into power.

The more you store it, the more it will become tough and giant, so in some cases, it may be about the size of Gigantomakia!

Also, I would like to pay attention to the point that this innate ability has the aspect that “the more you are hunted down, the stronger it is” in nature.

Even though it is a huge re-destro who has considerable power at this point, if the dead tree does its best, it must be even more stressful.

In the next episode, 234, I’m sure you’ll be able to confirm more violent violence than this time!

By the way, in this last event, Sliding Go had encountered an earthquake-like vibration, so I think that it is possible that Giganto Makia has arrived.

I’d like to see the battle between Dead Tree vs. Li Destro, but I’m also excited to see Gigant Makia join!

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