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Hello. I have read my hero academia [Episode 249] “Toku no Todoroki-kun’s house” from Weekly Shonen Jump released on November 11, 2019.

My Hero Academia [Episode 249] Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

Endeavor began to think about what he could do for his house, and as a result, families other than himself have recently dreamed of happily surrounding the dining table …

Ideku and his friends on the intern were eating and sleeping with the sidekick at an accommodation facility fully equipped in the office.

Bernin has been chilling since the morning to blast internships, but he is looking so far that it is not necessary.

It’s been a week since I came to the intern at Endeavor.

Ideku and his friends are enthusiastic about Endeavor, but today Endeavor is more active.

I am very aware of my home because I was invited to eat.

Endeavor, who has come to look after his family, goes while feeling again that Fuyumi is being saved every day! !! And led Izukuda.

And the parents’ house that I brought.

The bomber shouts unsatisfied.

It is a bomber why he was brought in, but it becomes a little quieter in front of Todoromi’s older sister Fuyumi.

My brother Natsuo seems to be here today.

All of us talked around the dining table, but with a little bit of excitement, Natsuo and Endeavor started to chill.

Endeavor tried to talk to Natsuo, but Natsuo left his seat.

Todoroki and Fuyumi were talking about their father while cleaning up after the meal.

Todoroki says that she is trying to get over her, so she doesn’t know what to think of her father.

Ideku, who heard the story of Todoroki, says that Todoroki is in the process of preparing for forgiveness.

Waiting time. Endeavor was also reacting to this word that everyone heard.

When Endeavor sits in front of the altar, he offers a “Toya” offering and wishes he was there.

My hero academia [episode 249] impressions

The time has come to finally touch on Toya, the eldest son of the deceased Todoroki. I was surprised that this story was so jerky because I thought that I would go with a relaxed one.

It was very interesting that the bomber repeated the same Tsukkomi, but in front of Fuyumi it was even more interesting that it was quiet or quiet.

Everyone told me that I could still start over, but I was also able to convey the feeling that I was wondering what to do and how I could forgive, and it became a deep story.

My Hero Academia [Episode 250] Expected Conjecture

I think I will talk about Toya in detail next time. The existence of the lantern seems to be traumatic for Endeavor, and is probably a must-have for talking about Endeavor.

There are many things to worry about why he died and when he died. Endeavor will finally face his son’s death and his family.

An absolutely moving scene is coming. You have to be prepared to cry.

My Hero Academia [Episode 249] Spoiler consideration

In the weekly Shonen Jump released on 11/2 (Sat.), my hero academia was suspended. I would like to introduce the forecasts and expectations for enjoying the product until its release.

Regarding the intern, it will be drawn mainly in Ideku, Bakugo, and Todoroki who are going to Endeavor’s office from now on.

Unless there is a big life-threatening incident with the other classmates, I don’t think it’s because the three have growth challenges.

Todoroki and the Bakufu Challenge

These two people have two tasks: “to generate maximum output in an instant” and “to be able to use power in points.” It’s best to find gaps and repeat them many times, but there’s no way you can come up with it without being aware of it.

You have to find the villain even a second earlier than Endeavor, and defeat it first.

Endeavor said that even once, but I think it is still not possible to complete the task once.

Izuku’s challenges

The maximum output can be output instantly with a full cowl. Ideku’s own task was to learn Air Force, and Endeavor gave his advice.

Anyway, Ideku’s first task is to concentrate on air force and be able to do it unconsciously.

We are one step ahead of the two, and we have clear goals than the two, so I think it will be a long time to clear this issue first.

Dinner at Endeavor’s house

Todoroki invited everyone to a meal. Since I was living in a dormitory in the first place, I think Todoroki hasn’t eaten with Endeavor at all. I’ve always disliked it. This will be a great meal for Endeavor after a long time.

Excited, they will only talk to each other even if Ideku and his friends are there. On the contrary, wouldn’t he treat Izuku and his friends as an obstacle?

If you like Endeavor here or there, your image will change.

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