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Hello. I was the first to get the Weekly Shonen Jump released on December 16, 2019. I have read my hero academia [Episode 254] “You are a hero more than anyone else”.

In Episode 253, it is the Yuei High School where the third semester began, but Aizawa and Mike were called by Tsukauchi. The reason is that it was possible that it was created based on the personality of the black fog that had been secured, Aizawa’s classmate who lost brainlessness, Akira Shiraun. Aizawa, Mike lost his words.

My Hero Academia [254] Latest episode Spoilers Synopsis

Akira Shiraun was the same intern as Aizawa and was caught dead in a collapsed building.

Shiraun, who was saying that three people should set up an office. The findings of this survey revealed that it is very likely that the black fog has no brain and its base is the body of Baiyun.

The word that all-for-one said that heroine has an excellent personality.

Probably, in the process of cremation of the body when a male student died, it was replaced by brainlessness.

It doesn’t make sense, only malice. Listen to why Aizawa and Mike were called here this time.

It was attributed to what happened when Endeavor defeated the brain.

Brainless who fought Endeavor had an attachment to a strong man, and the base was a man who made a living in underground fighting.

In other words, brainlessness may still have the personality of life.

Aizawa, who has experience fighting Kurogiri in the past, denies the possibility, but Tsukauchi has a slight expectation that he may be able to crack the mouth of Kurogiri, and Aizawa and Mike’s “Shiraun” I ask you to wake up your attachment.

The black fog that was sleeping so that he could not use his personality awakened because Aizawa activated his personality.

Mike doubts that the awakened black mist’s face is irritated, but the fact that Aizawa’s individuality does not disappear seems to be the creation of the original body.

Mike concludes that there is nothing in common between white clouds and black fog.

Kurogiri, when worried about the dead tree, says that it is his mission to take care of the dead tree.

Kurogiri’s appearance that he can’t leave it overlaps with the appearance of Shiraun who Aizawa picked up a kitten that he could not pick up without hesitation.

The appearance of Shiraun, who has always drawn Aizawa, can be seen.

Aizawa says that she is now a teacher with Mike.

Gran Turin is well aware that Aizawa, who says he has been hit hard by the students, has removed the students a great number of times.

But that’s a paper story.

Aizawa, who gives away death in the sense that it gives death to those who mistakenly think that self-sacrifice and abandonment of life are the same, was returning everyone to further improvement.

It is to tell a hero who can pull someone like Shiraun to live longer. Aizawa removes the goggles from his neck and presents it to the black mist, and says that if there are still white clouds, three will become heroes.

At that time, the screen that is monitoring the state of the black mist will change. Aizawa was crying.

My hero academia [254 episodes] impressions

When you think about it carefully, the names Kurogiri and Shiraun are relative. I was glad that Professor Aizawa’s kindness and tears were seen in this talk, but I was sad. Even during the USJ attack, Aizawa struggled to protect his students.

It may be a natural thing for a hero, but I think it was a terrific thing, considering the past and this time when I lost my friend.

It is not moral to throw away self-sacrifice and life, I would like to say this word to Aizawa at that time, but I think that I came to be a hero with a painful feeling all the time, I love Aizawa even more. It was

My Hero Academia [Episode 255] Consideration

I think the main attraction is whether or not Aizawa’s voice reaches the black fog or Shiroun. The person monitoring this situation appears to have seen some change in the black mist. Still, Kurogiri will return lightly, “What are you talking about?”

The character of Shiraun should remain in the black fog. I don’t remember anything about Aizawa and others because I don’t remember it, but wouldn’t it react to becoming a hero with three people and building an office?

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