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Hello. From the weekly Shonen Jump released on March 2, 2020, I summarized the spoilers of my hero academia [262 episodes] “No. 5 Mirko-san” and personal impressions and next story consideration forecast.

In Episode 261, Mirko, who came to Shiga earlier, kicks at Shiga, but the mini-brains jump out to protect Shiga without instructions from Shiga.

Shiga, who did not overlook that Mirko had a chance to do this, unleashed the high-end brainlessness. Mirko begins to fight the high-end brainless to pursue Shiga who is trying to escape.

My Hero Academia [262] Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

A huge high-end brainless complains to a narrow passage and heads towards the crusts. The hero behind the crust is amazed by the brainlessness.

No.6 Individuality of Hero Crust

The personality of No. 6 hero crust is “shield”.

The generated shield is used to pinch the brain and tells the hero behind that there is a lot of brain and Mirko ahead.

Brainless chews on the crust’s shield and still heads.

It has multiple personalities and is divided into 3 levels with no intention. It is said that it has at least 10 times the ability of ordinary people at the top.

The high-end has the ability to think independently based on prenatal memory, in addition to the ability above and above. That’s why Shiga chose a villain with a strong fighting orientation to create the high-end brainlessness.

The production of high-end brainless is not easy, and even if the surgery is successful, it will take 3 months to settle.

Mass production would be difficult without the power of all-for-one, so Shiga must protect the dead tree that is all-for-one.

There is no way to escape from Shiga and Shigeki who lost the two mini-brains when the hero was just around the corner.

Shiga entrusts the five high-end brains fighting for hope to hurry to complete the dead pattern tree, which is 70% complete.

No.5 Individuality of Hero Mirko

The uniqueness of No. 5 Hero Mirko is “rabbit”. Mirko, who has good ears, realized that Shiga was operating the computer in the back without running away.

It’s amazing to see Mirko stand up, but Mirko was offsetting the shock with his legs.

Mirko, who can do more rabbits than rabbits, jumped greatly and jumped over the brainless brain at once.

Brainless immediately attacks Mirko who is trying to aim for Shiga first.

Heel Moon Ring (Luna Ring)

Mirko performed a kicking technique called “lunar ring”, but he was able to avoid it slightly and inflicted only a little damage.

Mirko, who tries to jump over the brain again and move forward, twists his left arm with the brainless personality and makes a sound that the bone is shattered.

Lunar Fall

Mirko, who screams in pain but never stops, decides brilliantly on “Lunafall” with no brain.

Instead, I lost my left arm completely. Mirko, who hasn’t stopped yet, turns his leg around the brainless neck that has attacked his arm.

Mirko, who stepped on the idea that a long-range attacker is weak against a short-range attack, broke his brainless head with “Luna Tihera” and just stripped it off.

Mirko tied her left arm with her hair because she couldn’t leave her left arm in the same way. Mirko knows that if he crushes his head, the brain will stop.

Around that time, when he knew that the hero was attacking, he was afraid that the hero would come, telling himself that it was Twice’s fault, but he finally rushed into it.

My Hero Academia [262 episodes] Impressions

The personalities of Mirko and Crust have been revealed. Mirko is the first person who can do the same thing as animals other than frogbrush.

What’s more amazing than frogs that you can generally do with frogs is that you can do more rabbits than rabbits. As expected, he is the No. 5 hero. I want Endeavor to come early, but I think that if you are a hero with a single-digit number, you can beat the brain.

Mirko defeated two brainless with this, and there are three more. The Endeavors are still fighting against the non-high-end brainless, so they are still numerically available, but will arrive at Shiga next time.

My Hero Academia [Section 263] Consideration

At the last event, the scene changed from Jakubo Hospital to Gunshi Sanso. That means that the talk of the Hawks and others will start from the next time. When I proceeded with the story of the hospital, it seemed that the dead tree would be completed at once, so it was just right.

Twice will probably find himself responsible. I think that the personality that I still want to believe in Hawks and the personality that I want to kill Hawks are competing.

However, I realize that it is my friends that are important, and I think that the person who tries to kill Hawks will win.

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