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Hello. I read my hero academia [270 episodes] “Succession” from Weekly Shonen Jump released on May 11, 2020.

In Episode 269, all the heroes who were rushing into the back of the serpent’s cavity hospital had the intuition that they should not cause the dead tree, and they succeeded in destroying the capsule containing the dead tree.

The dead tree from the capsule seemed to be in a state of asphyxia from the beginning, and neither the heart nor breathing was moving.

In this article, I have summarized the spoilers and impressions of my hero academia [270 episodes] and what to expect from the next episode.

My Hero Academia [Episode 270] Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

The present microphone that lifts Shiga tells him that Shiga will be able to stop the brain.

Let’s leave the dead tree to EXLESS. Mike presented with Shiga to the brainless place.

Xres, who touches the chest of a dead tree, notices that one machine is running in the back.

It seems that it was protected from impact because there is an empty tube in the foreground.

Since we don’t know what kind of machine, Xures decides to destroy it for the time being.

Shiga started talking while being carried by the present microphone.

Shiga began to say that the paper about “paranormal singularity” written 70 years ago was laughed at by the world. The world refused to point to a future that would collapse in an era of peace.

Present microphone opened his mouth.

Present mic who said that “singularity singularity” is now cult is convinced by myself that the scholar who advocated “paranormal singularity” disappeared and died, and if he was alive he was in his 120s. Did.

Shiga started talking again.

There was only one person who reached out to Shiga who lost his place.

Shiga’s individuality is “rebirth”, which has twice as much life force as humans in exchange for athletic ability.

Shiga’s current personality is a copy of himself.

As I listened to the story, the present Mike became angrier and angrier and disgusted by Shiga, and the more I felt that I wasn’t touching it.

Shiga suddenly told the present microphone that he was Kurogiri’s friend.

The eyes of Shiga, who really wanted “erasure”, were full of tears, but she surely laughed.

The scene changes.

In the spirit of the dead tree.

A dead tree was standing in a world where many hands and broken buildings were flying around.

I don’t know where this is. Dead Hana talks to a dead tree.

Hana, who is supporting the “dead-end tree” “turning arc,” is in its original form and words. The old mother’s figure and father’s figure appear, and the child’s figure, Shimura Kaeru, collapses his father.

In the darkness of his collapsing father, there was an all-for-one figure that looked like a black mist. All for One calls Dead Tree.

Shiga said that All for One decided to make himself a replicating personality and hand the original to Dead Tree.

As the dead tree walks into the all-for-one darkness, you will see a family grasping the dead tree from behind.

The family tries to stop the dead tree, and the father tries to push it back from the front. At that time, my grandmother Nana Shimura also appeared. The appearance of my grandmother, which I admired as a child.

However, the present death tree dislikes being denied any more, destroying all the things that bind him and moving forward.

The body of the dead tree bounced a large amount at the moment when the Exres tried to break the machine and released it from the tree. Ideku, who was far away, had the intuition that the worst started.

My hero academia [270 episodes] impression

There is no way the dead tree should end here. It was 75% unfinished, but it was forcibly completed due to the strong will of All for One and the strong will of the dead tree to become what I want to be.

The family stopped the dead tree until the end. Since this was an event in the middle of a dead tree, I think that there was a feeling that it wasn’t the actual thing and it wasn’t in the heart of the dead tree.

If that feeling was stronger, it would have stopped. But that didn’t come true. From the next time, a big mess will hit.

My Hero Academia [Section 271] Consideration

If you go with this momentum, you will be doing the part of awakening the dead tree without shifting the scene to Gunshi Sanso. The hospital broke at a stretch, and Iku and his friends in the distance immediately noticed something strange.

Far from being noticed, the place where Izuku and his friends may suddenly suffer damage. If the part of Gunshi Sanso is drawn, Gigantomakia is about to move by the awakening of the dead pattern tree.

It is certain that there will be a lot of confusion in various places. With the power of All for One and the dead tree, many heroes will be sacrificed.

From the weekly Shonen Jump released on May 11, 2020, I have summarized the spoilers and impressions of my hero academia [270 episodes] “inheritance” & next episode consideration forecast.

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