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Hello. From Weekly Shonen Jump released on May 18, 2020, my hero academia [271] “Dark Cloud! ! Was read.

In Episode 270 , the destruction of the dead tree capsule, the capture of Shiga, and the heroes’ operations proceeded smoothly. After that, if the brain is stopped, the mission on the hospital side is completed.

However, just before that, the dead tree that was in asphyxia finally became one with All for One and awoke.

In this article, I wrote about my hero academia [271 episode] spoilers, impressions, and next episode consideration expectations.

My Hero Academia [Section 271] Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

A little while ago, in the Gankyo Sanso, Tsunekumi, who had retreated from the front, sensed the danger of the Hawks and jumped out of the fat of Fat Gum.

I will fly to the top floor of Gunshi Sanso without listening to the fat gum.

Fat Gum was surprised at the first person to escape from his fat, Tokogami, but when he heard that the Hawks were dangerous, he dropped the students and chased him.

And now, the darkness that found the tattered Hawks has the worst personality with Tadaaki.

The darkness that silences the dark shadow that is trying to whine.

Dark Shadow puts a cloak of constant darkness on the Hawks, but realizes that there are no wings on the back of the Hawks, and it becomes more teary.

Jibun feels desperate for Yue when the student, Tsunegumi, appears.

When he pointed at Twice, who was rolling under his feet, Takuji told Toku darkness that Hawks had killed Twice.

I ask what he did to continue in the shocking darkness.

He laughed, saying that the heroes the students dream of are sneakers more than villains.

The Hawks squeeze out their voice and call the name of Toko darkness.

Then, Tokoyami hugged the Hawks and answered the question of Obi. Jibun immediately attacked the darkness, saying that he was just worried about his teacher.

Due to the light of the blame, the dark shadow cannot be used, and due to the narrow passage, the blame cannot be avoided.

Anyway, Hawks speaks in a small voice, as soon as he leaves this place and finds a way to treat the Hawks.

Tokuji whispers in his ear to ask the Hawks for instructions.

It seems that Jibun, who continues to speak to Tokogumi, is not the time to spare, but invites the turmoil of Tokogaku to gain time.

The power of the flame is certainly weakening, so you should not be able to repeat it.

Toku darkness extended the dark shadow to Hawks at the sign of the Hawks, and asked the dark shadow to grab the fence, and used the dark shadow as a rope to descend downstairs.

I failed to land because the exhausted dark shadow released the fence, but I was able to get off safely. But the Hawks have stopped responding.

The darkness that calls the name of the Hawks confirms his breath and reassures that the Hawks are still alive. I just fainted with a shock.

The dark shadows become available once he is separated from Zodi, and Tohoku immediately tries to fly with the “Black Fallen Angel”.

At that time, Zodiac came down in front of the darkness.

Laughing Jihai says he was saving the power for this time by weakening the power of the previous two fires. A great pinch of darkness.

At that time, there was a loud noise, shock, and dust right behind Koji.

And Mt. The lady flew from her big ass.

It was skipped by the villain, an apocalypse that manipulates the individuality of ice.

Apocryphal is trying to break the siege network and destroy the hero’s strategy.

Jihai received the impact of this ice from behind.

When Jihad came out under the debris after being blown away, Tokaku had already escaped from the building with the Hawks. The tears that can’t stop in the darkness running with the Hawks.

And just pray that Hawks doesn’t die by saying that he believes that it was right to kill Twice.

In the basement, unexpected news came to Li Destro, who was irritated to bring a foot spare early.

Gigantomachia stood up feeling the smell of dead tree that got All for One.

My hero academia [271 episode] impressions

Before the story of Awakening the Death Tree started, the event at Gunshizanso was drawn. It was the continuation of this time because it was over at the last Gunshi Sanso last time when Tokugami went to help Hawks.

It was so impressing that Tokugami, who didn’t say anything when he knew that Hawks killed Twice, said he believed in Hawks when he managed to escape.

Tsunezumi would have been quite shocked by the heroic act of killing people. Still, I love the straightness of the darkness that I want to believe in my teacher.

My Hero Academia [Section 272] Expectations

Gigantomachia who stood up in anticipation of the awakening of the dead tree. The tragedy is about to begin. I don’t know which content will be drawn next time because I think it’s the same time as the Jakubo Hospital.

Ideally, I want Gigantomachia to move after the dead tree has completely risen and give instructions, so next time I would like to see the state of the Jakubo Hospital.

Perhaps the scene may change at the timing of the instruction of Dead Tree. Tragedy happens at the same time in two places.

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