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Hello. From Weekly Shonen Jump released on May 25, 2020, my hero academia [Section 272] “Good morning! Was read.

In Episode 271 , Toko darkness went to help the Hawks. The personality of Zodiac is a difficult enemy for Toko darkness as it robs darkness.

Tsunegumi, who managed to escape by using the shock of the battle taking place outside, was quite upset by the fact that Hawks had killed Twice from Takubi, but he still tries to believe that Hawks was right. At that time, Gigantomachia, who should not have moved up.

Then, in this article, I summarized the spoilers and impressions of my hero academia.

My Hero Academia [Episode 272] Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

Evacuation guidance was still conducted in the town away from the hospital at the same time as the death tree awakening.

Students, mainly in Bernin, will blame the citizens one by one and check if there are any remaining people.

At that time, I heard the voice of the first One for All in Ideku’s head. I can hear the voice that I haven’t heard for a long time, and the movement of Ideku stops.

Ideku told the first One for All that the transcendent will come and stop. At the snake cavity hospital, the dead tree that got up was cold.

At the moment when the present microphone with Shiga came out from the back of the hospital where heroes fought, Shiga and the present microphone were fascinated by the depths.

The passage that has just appeared is broken.

Shiga was laughing.

Gran Turin saved Mike and Shiga, but the collapse spreads what they touch and expands its reach.

Gran Turin immediately tells other heroes that he will die if he touches a crack that propagates through things, and issues an evacuation order.

Ryukyu is flying with other heroes on his back because it is difficult to run and escape.

When the eraser head was told to ride and the captive cloth was stretched out, Brainashi grabbed the foot of the eraser head.

At the same time, Crust used his personality to cut off the brainless arm and release the eraser head.

The crust had already collapsed in the lower half of his body, helping the eraser head on the verge of dying.

The scream of the eraser head sounds, but Crust sends a goosen to the eraser head.

The heroes rush to the exit carrying the immovable people, but during that time, many heroes were involved in the collapse and collapsed.

The collapse spreads beyond the hospital to the city.

Shiga thought that he had lost due to the appearance of the heroes, but Shiga laughs loudly that the hero’s efforts are destroyed by the awakening of the dead tree and they will win.

Ideku fights against the coming collapse with 45% air force, and everyone has time to escape.

My hero academia [272 episodes] impression

The awakened character of the dead tree is overwhelming, and it is the momentum that wraps up the world at once.

I never thought that the heroes who were fighting on the front lines would die suddenly.

It wasn’t drawn, but the exres, who was near the dead tree, probably died. sad.

Above all, the last part of the crust that helped Eraser Head in front of my death was very moving. When I see this collapse scene in an animation, I feel that my emotions are doubled.

My Hero Academia [Section 273] Expectations

Ideku must stop all for one as one for all. Ideku only knows some people about having this personality, so if Ideku tries to fight the death tree, other heroes will of course stop.

Besides, it is quite unlikely that a child’s Ideku can win when other heroes have no choice but to escape.

I don’t know what to do as I don’t have time to plan an operation from now, but I wonder if I can find any breakthrough.

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